2019-2020 Spokes Application

SPOKES is the youth leadership body of Youth Speaks Seattle. This crew of young leaders commits to a 7-month internship where they lead arts showcases, open mics, writing circles, poetry slams and produce a poetry chapbook. They meet weekly for leadership development in event planning, public speaking, facilitation as well building their social justice analysis through artistry and cultural work.

Calling all Youth POETS! We’re looking for fierce young artists (aged 14-19) who want to create change through community organizing, performance events and artistry! This is a 7-month commitment to being a leader and organizer for the Arts Corps' Teen Leadership Program. Internship is from November 5th – May 5th. Leaders will meet every Tuesday from 4-6pm at Youngstown in West Seattle.


-$tipend: Leaders will receive a $100.00 monthly stipend!
-Build a tight knit, loving community with 10 other youth artists and activists
-Professional development and skills (promotion, event planning, public speaking & facilitation)
-Artistry development in spoken word
-Learn about forms of oppression and how to fight against them using art and community
-Good food and 60+ community service hours!

Applications Due: Friday, October 25 , 2019
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As a Spokes Intern you will be organizing revolutionary arts performances and positive spaces for other young people to express themselves. Tell 2 friends/teachers/family members that you’re applying. Ask them to show their support for you and vouch that you will show up by including their name, relationship to you and contact info below: *
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The next question is meant for parents/guardians/caregivers
INSTRUCTIONS FOR PARENTS: please write your name and phone number in the response to the next question to verify that you have read this.
FOR PARENTS/GUARDIANS/CAREGIVERS: I am aware that my child is applying to be a Spokes Intern from October 2019-May 2020 and I have read or heard the attached program description. *
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The remainder of the application is meant for youth applicants.
Spokes interns will meet from 4:00pm-6:00pm every Tuesday. There will be commitments outside of these meetings, such as attending open mics or doing outreach. Do you have any significant time commitments or possible scheduling conflicts? (school, sports, jobs, family) *
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