LatchAid Survey
This user study is conducted by LatchAid Ltd. We are conducting this research to better understand the breastfeeding experience from the perspective of mothers such as yourself. We will also be discussing your thoughts on a potential new app to support mothers with breastfeeding, providing insight into the research and development of this new product. Information will not be used for sales approaches. The analysis will focus on collective responses and will not be based on any one individual. This survey will be anonymous unless the user grants us permission to be re-contacted for a follow-up interview through providing us their email address (more details will be provided below).

All personal data stored will be collected solely from the responses to these survey questions with the consent of users. This survey will be conducted in accordance with the best market research practices outlined by Data Protection Act and MRS guidelines. The personal information of users collected here will not be shared with third parties. You have the right to anonymity and confidentiality. You also have the right to request to pull out of this research at any time and ask for your personal information to be deleted or altered. As the research participant you also have the right to withdraw consent and complain to authority.

This information will be securely stored for 2 years for development support only. All data will be stored on Google Suite and protected by Google Security. Dr. Chen Mao Davies, the founder of LatchAid, will have access to this information and will be located in the UK. Her remote intern, Kelly Wing, will also have access to this information and will be located in Hong Kong. No other individual will have access to this data. Anonymous collective results will potentially be published in social media and in future press releases (i.e. used in publicity material with statements such as 9 out 10 mothers) . No individuals will be identified unless permission is asked and given.

During the survey, you may become privy to confidential intellectual property, including the design, concept and workflow displayed in the 2 minute video. We ask you to acknowledge that you will be prohibited from sharing the video and from disclosing any of this information to any third party following the survey.

Click here ( to read more about our commitment to data protection including GDPR, the rights you have to the data and the security measures we have in place. Contact us at if you have any questions or requests.

If you click ‘next’, this indicates that the user understands and gives consent for LatchAid to store the information collected from this survey.

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