Agile-Lean Case Study Competition Entry
Complete this form to enter into the Agile-Lean Ireland 2020 Coaches Competition.
Some Rules:
1. Each case study must be submitted by 21 October 2020.
2. Each case study must contain 4 parts:
2A. A real-life Situation or problem to be solved.
2B. A set of Actions you took to address the situation
2C. A set of Results that showed how your actions changed (improved or worsened) the situation.
2D. One or more Recommendations from the case study.
3. Judging will be by public vote by the delegates of Agile-Lean Ireland 2020.
4. Judging will commence at the start at the conference and will end 1 hour before results are to be announced.
5. In the event of a tie, the Organisers of the conference will have a single deciding vote.
6. Only entries associated with Coaches, Speakers and Sponsors are available for judging, contact to see if your ticket entitles you to enter the competition. Other entries may be posted after the judging has completed.
7. The award is a single cash amount decided on a totaliser (tote) basis, with the award determined by the number of entrants and being not less than €1,000. The award will be announced at the start of the judging process.
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