TCA Needs Your Input
TCA must make a decision on the future of the “local” affiliate channels-ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC. These channels below have chosen to raise their contract rates as much as 300% in the new contracts!! Up to a $10.00 INCREASE in YOUR cable bill. TCA WILL NOT FINANCIALLY BENEFIT FROM THE PENDING RATE INCREASE! TCA is trying desperately to negotiate the lowest possible contract.

These channels make up the “Retransmission Fee” on your bill. They are free off of an antenna but they charge you because you have cable service. TCA does not mark up the Retransmission Fee.

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Please rank the following “local” affiliate channels from your favorite (1) to least favorite (6) *
SIOUX CITY - KTIV/NBC - Channel 104/504HD
SIOUX CITY - KMEG/CBS - Channel 106/506HD
SIOUX CITY - KPTH/FOX - Channel 107/507HD
SIOUX CITY - KCAU/ABC - Channel 109/509HD
SIOUX FALLS - KELO/CBS - Channel 111/511HD
SIOUX FALLS - KSFY/ABC - Channel 113/513HD
“Local” Affiliate Channel Options *
Keep all the Channels and raise your rates up to $10.00 dependent on contract negotiations?
Negotiate with Sioux Falls Channels for the lowest possible increase and keep them?
Drop Sioux Falls KELO & KSFY since they are duplicates?
Drop Sioux Falls KELO?
Drop Sioux Falls KSFY?
Try to add KDLT at added cost?
Did you know you can watch TCA Cable everywhere even with your smartphone with for FREE with your service?
What Channels Would You Add or Drop in The Future? Please Mark Add or Drop.
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Since TCA is Owned By Your City, Is There Anything You Would Like To See TCA Offer Or Do For Your Community?
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