Decuma Feedback
A form to collect data and feedback on the Decuma beta test documents.
Was the explanation of the cards clear? *
Not clear
Extremely clear
Comments on card explanations:
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Were the directions on how to play clear? *
Not clear
Extremely Clear
Comments on directions:
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What did you think of the variations section? *
Pointless. I'll never use these.
I like the game's flexibility.
Comments on variations:
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World Building
What did you think about the Relationship questions? *
Loved them!
Comments ion Relationship questions:
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What did you think of the Location questions? *
Loved them!
Comments on Location questions
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What did you think of the Group/Major Arcana questions? *
Loved Them!
Comments on Major Arcana/Group questions:
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Overall Impression
Do you feel you created enough material to start a campaign? *
Not even close
More than enough
Comments on amount of world-building:
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Game play was smooth *
Not smooth at all
Very smooth
Comments on game play:
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How likely are you to use Decuma in the future? *
Not going to use it
Absolutely will use it
Why would you use it/not use it?
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Other comments:
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We really appreciate your time! Thank you for looking at Decuma and taking the time to fill out our survey!
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