Advanced Prototyper Application
Thank you for your interest in our Advanced Prototyper Program! This program is intended for an experienced Maker Pass holder and current UC Berkeley student who wants to share their wealth of knowledge, and increase their involvement in our community. We are looking for a year-long commitment, and for the development and facilitation of a "Tips and Tricks" Workshop. In exchange, the AP will get a FREE MAKER PASS, better storage, and our eternal gratitude.
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Briefly, why do you think the Advanced Prototyper Program is right for you?
Which of the following topics would you feel comfortable teaching a workshop on? *
Workshops are broken into 2 simple categories: Category I - Basics and Intro Workshops & Category II - Advanced and Longer-form Workshops. Choose the topic most relevant to your experience, or feel free to write in your own if it's not covered here.
Please submit the name of the workshop you intend to teach.   *
Example: "PillowTalk - Using Lasers to Cut Fabric Patterns", "Bleeps & Bloops - Integrated Circuits for Making Sounds", or even something simple like: "Illustrator Basics"
Please submit a short description of the workshop you intend to teach. *
Please be as descriptive as possible, but keep it under 500 words.
How many people would you like to attend your workshop? *
How many workshops do you want to teach. *
You are free to teach either 2 Category I workshops, or 1 Category II workshop at a minimum. If your workshop is outside of those categories, we're happy to work with you to figure out what's the most suitable number of workshops.
Dates and times for your workshop or workshop(s). *
Don't worry, we can change it, but the more specific you can be, the better.
Would you like me to reserve equipment for you during your workshop? If "Yes", please indicate which piece of equipment you'll need during your workshop. *
(Laser Cutters, 3d printers, Woodshop, Haas etc)
Anything else not covered?
Special requirements or considerations? Final thoughts? Questions, comments or concerns?
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