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In order to be eligible to win the prize, all you need to do is complete the required questions and provide open feedback about one of the songs. Please note that while you are only required to provide open feedback for one song, please feel free to provide feedback for as many as you'd like.

The more in-depth the feedback, the more it will help the artist. While we encourage honesty, we ask you to refrain from being derogatory. Instead, we ask you to provide constructive criticism. So rather than saying something like "this sucks", offer something like " the vocal quality was not very good". If you enjoyed the song, please let us know what you enjoyed. How much you choose to write is completely up to you; whether it's a few words or a few paragraphs. We also strongly encourage you to listen to each song at least a couple of times, as some songs have a tendency to "open up" after a few plays and some songs

Liking or not liking a song, providing positive or critical feedback, and opting or not opting to receive follow up information will have ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING on your chances to win. Everyone who answers the required questions and provides some sort of quality feedback (positive or critical) for at least one song will have the same chance of winning as everyone else.

Also if you discover a new artist or song that you like, feel free to make a post about the artist and song and help spread the word!

This week's prize: tickets to the Texas/Red Dirt festival of your choice (LJT, Chilifest, LoneStar Jam, Calf Fry etc...). We will email the winner at the conclusion of the contest and have them make their selection.

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Jesse Stratton Band - Dance With Me
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While only answering this open feedback question for one of the songs is required, please feel free to provide an answer for more than one song if you'd like.
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