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We are just embarking on the writing of a Neighbourhood Plan for Stoke Ferry, a community-led document for guiding the future development within our parish. It is about the use and development of land over the next 20 years. Please help us get started by answering a few questions
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What is special about Stoke Ferry?
Stoke Ferry parish - The Neighbourhood Plan area. And Aims for the Plan
Our DRAFT VISION 2020-2040. Stoke Ferry will be a flourishing community in a unique and historic setting on the River Wissey, able to meet local needs and address the ongoing challenges of climate change.The parish will have a balanced housing mix in keeping with the character of the area. Important aspects of the natural and historical environment will be actively protected. Stoke Ferry will be an attractive place where people want to live, work and visit into the future.
Comments on the draft vision.
COMMUNITY & SERVICES - Draft objectives: To encourage and support appropriate new and existing services and assets of community benefit
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COMMUNITY & SERVICES: What do we want for Stoke Ferry?
BUSINESS & EMPLOYMENT - DRAFT objective: To encourage and support appropriate new and existing businesses
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BUSINESS & EMPLOYMENT: What do we want for Stoke Ferry?
HOUSING & THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT - DRAFT Objective (1) To encourage well-designed, sustainable development which complements the distinct features of Stoke Ferry, includes green spaces and protects the heritage that already exists
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HOUSING & THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT - DRAFT Objective (2) To preserve the village character of Stoke Ferry and maintain the existing development boundary
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HOUSING & THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT: What do we want for Stoke Ferry
HOUSING - thinking about the delivery of housing over the next 20 years...
Where should housing go in Stoke Ferry parish?
What type of housing should there be to meet local need?
How should new housing be designed?
NATURAL ENVIRONMENT - Draft objective (1) To minimise pollution on land, in water and in the air and protect and enhance access to the river and countryside within the Stoke Ferry Parish
NATURAL ENVIRONMENT - Draft objective (2) To protect and improve bio-diversity (e.g. wildlife habitats)
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NATURAL ENVIRONMENT - Draft objective (3) To create a cleaner, safer and greener neighbourhood (e.g. by reducing litter, graffiti, and maintaining pleasant public spaces) and through energy efficiency and the use of renewables
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NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: What do we want for Stoke Ferry?
LOCAL GREEN SPACES: Local communities can earmark for special consideration local ‘green space’ land - whether its value is in its natural beauty, its historic resonances, its recreational value, its tranquillity or its importance as wildlife habitat. We need to identify areas of open space that are of value to our community and, as part of the neighbourhood planning process we can protect these areas by having them designated as local green space (LGS). Once designated, by the planning authority, the LGS is subject to the same strong development restrictions as green belt and new development on that land is ruled out other than in special circumstances. The Local Green Space designation should only be used where the green space is: (a) in reasonably close proximity to the community it serves; (b) demonstrably special to a local community and holds a particular localsignificance, for example because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value (including as a playing field), tranquillity or richness of its wildlife; and (c) local in character and is not an extensive tract of land.
What areas should the Neighbourhood Plan designate as Local Green Spaces?
TRANSPORT & ACCESS - Draft objective (1): To encourage safe and connected walking and cycling within and beyond the Stoke Ferry Parish
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TRANSPORT & ACCESS - Draft objective (2): To improve existing private and public parking
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TRANSPORT & ACCESS: What do we want for Stoke Ferry?
SOCIAL & CULTURAL: Draft objective (1): To promote a sense of community identity and belonging
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SOCIAL & CULTURAL: Draft objective (2): To encourage community participation in a friendly and supportive manner across the Parish
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NON-DESIGNATED HERTIGAGE ASSETS: Non-designated heritage assets are buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas or landscapes identified by plan-making bodies as having a degree of heritage significance meriting consideration in planning decisions but which do not meet the criteria for designated heritage assets. Justification for the inclusion of important character buildings andhistoric features as ‘Non-designated Heritage Assets’ is givenby Historic England as: age, rarity, aesthetic interest, group value, archeological interest, archival interest, historical association,designated landscape interest, landmark status, social and communal value.
What should the Neighbourhood Plan identify as Non-designated Heritage Assets?
What happens next?
OPTIONAL: Your contact details. If you would like to be kept informed of future Neighbourhood Plan Consultation events, please leave your name and email address below. This information will be kept in line with GDPR/Data Protection. It will be used solely for the purpose of keeping you informed about the Neighbourhood Plan. For a copy of our (DRAFT) Privacy Protection Policy please visit the Stoke Ferry Neighbourhood Plan web site ( Your details will be deleted once the Neighbourhood Plan process is complete and you can request to have your information deleted at any time. I give my consent for my contact details to be shared with the Neighbourhood Planning Group and used for the above purpose. EMAIL ADDRESS:
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