2019 Miss Buffalo River Elk Fest Pageant
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The pageant is Saturday June 22 at Jasper High School. 10:00 am 0-6 Years Old and 2:00 pm 7 years old and up
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Beauty Division $35
Special Division $20
Side Award $10
Newton County Divisions $10
Please Read Before Sending
Thank you for using our Google Application Form. Please see the rules below. By June 13 please send 1. Your Entry Fee by cash, check, money order, or paypal and 2. email or mail your photogenic entries (if applicable).

I, the undersigned, herby agree that I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to and follow the rules and information for the Buffalo River Elk Festival Pageant. I understand that the Jasper Key Club, Jasper/Newton Kiwanis Club, Buffalo River Elk Festival, pageant directors & staff, and Jasper School are not responsible for any lost items or injuries that may occur at or in connection with this pageant. I hereby consent to and authorize the use of photos taken at the pageant, festival, or other related activities for reproduction, in print or electronic format, by the pageant officials, for publicity purposes. Pageant staff has permission to share my contact information with other pageants. I understand that the pageant officials (directors, staff, etc.) have the right to interpret the pageant rules, make or approve changes and exceptions. I understand that the goody bags may contain some items requiring adult supervision for small children. Please Send Fact Sheet and Payment, to address on back of the application, Must Be Postmarked by 6/13/19. See Photogenic Rules about Your Photogenic Entry. Payment must be Cash, Check, Money Order, or PayPal to misselkfestival@gmail.com. Late applications will be accepted during registration, but name will not appear in program book, also add $10 late fee. Only cash and money orders accepted at door and registration. No Exceptions.

General Rules and Information
Optional Practice Friday, June 21 4-6 pm
Stage formation: diamond.
Pageant Hosted by: Jasper Key Club and Jasper/Newton County Kiwanis Club.
Birthday Grace Period from 5/22/19-7/22/19 to move up or down a beauty or special division but may not enter more than one Beauty or Special Division.
Contestant numbers will be drawn randomly on/after June 7.
Beauty, Elkette, Bugle, NC Divisions, and Side Awards are separate competitions, scores are not tabulated together.
Open beauty pageant for ladies 0 months and up. No residency restrictions with exception of NC Queen Divisions.
Proof of contestant’s age, gender, and/or residency may be required.
Contestants cannot now be, or ever have been, married nor have children with the exception of the Ms./Elite Ms. Division.
Dress and makeup should be age appropriate.
2018 Elk Fest Queens are expected to represent & crown their divisions and are not eligible to compete in that division in 2019.
Contestants may receive additional prizes from area businesses.
Beauty and Special Division Queens will be given a schedule and asked to participate in activities at the Elk Festival held June 28-29, 2019.
Do not approach the judges before, during, or after the pageant. The judges will be fair and decisions are final. Unsportsmanlike behavior by contestant, guardian, family member, or friend may cause disqualification from the 2019 pageant and/or future pageants.
Score sheets will not be made available to participants at pageant. Send a self-address (contestant’s name on address or in envelope), stamped envelope with fact sheet. Score sheets will be mailed as soon as possible after the pageant.
Baby Miss – Pre-Teen Divisions
Contestants will each receive a participation award.
Alternates: each receive a trophy & tiara.
Queens receive a large sparkling crown, custom sash, beautiful trophy, and t-shirt.

Teen – Miss Divisions
Contestants will each receive a participation award.
Alternates: each receive a trophy.
Queens receive a large sparkling crown, custom sash, large beautiful trophy, and t-shirt.
Miss Elkette Division
Miss Elkette contestants will complete in one-piece swimsuit and high heel shoes. No pantyhose.
Alternates: each receive a trophy.
Queen receive a large sparkling round crown, custom sash, large beautiful trophy, and t-shirt.
Elegant Ms./Elite Ms. Divisions
Contestants will each receive a participation award.
Alternates: each receive a tray.
Queens receive large sparkling round crown, custom sash, tray, & t-shirt.
Miss Bugle Divisions
Contestants may enter a bugle division and/or a beauty division.
Bugle contestants will compete in hunting or camo attire.
Music will be playing for these divisions. Do not bring your own music.
Alternates will receive tiaras.
Queens receive a sparkling tiara, sash, and tray.
Newton County Queens
Must Enter a Beauty Division
NC Queens: selected from contestants entered in Beauty Divisions Princess Miss NC Baby Miss-Mini Miss, Petite NC Princess-Little Miss, Jr. Miss NC Young Miss-Pre-Teen, and Miss NC Teen-Miss
Contestant in this NC Queen Special Division must reside or attend school in Newton County, Arkansas. Girls five years and younger may reside in, attend daycare/have a grandparent residing in Newton County.
Most Beautiful
Must Enter a Beauty Division
One winner per division will receive a beautiful tiara and certificate
Crowd Favorite
Crowd Favorite Winners (one per division) will receive a beautiful tiara and certificate.
Voting cups will be provided.

Photogenic Rules
Photogenic competition is optional; contestant must be entered in one Beauty Division. Winners will be selected by combining all photogenic entries from both categories (categories described below)
o One Photo Category- Please send one photo.
o Two or More Photo Category - Please send 2 or More Photos. Contestants entering this category will receive a photogenic certificate and sparkling tiara on stage.
Photos must be 8X10 or smaller, no frames, but photo protectors are recommended. The pageant will not be responsible for lost/damaged photos.
Photos may be turned in one of the following ways:
1. Mailed with fact sheet
2. Emailed to: misselkfest@hotmail.com
Photos must be postmarked or emailed by June 13 to avoid late fee.
Photos must be labeled w/contestant’s name & division on back.
Each Photogenic Winner (one per division) will receive a sparkling tiara and silver tray.
Two Overall Photogenic Winners will be chosen. Each will receive a beautiful round crown and a silver tray.
o Overall Photogenic winners will be selected from the Contestants entering the Two or More Photo Category.
Registration Information
9:00-10:00 am 0-6 Years Old Registration with Pageant Beginning at 10:00 am
1:00-2:00 pm 7 Years Old and Up Registration with Pageant Beginning at 2:00pm *note you can register with the 9:00 contestants if needed.
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