Rogue Engine Research Survey
An anonymous survey to better understand who's using Rogue Engine and why
Have you used Rogue Engine? *
How often do you use it? *
Are you planning to start a project with RE? *
Are you interested in publishing in the Rogue Marketplace? *
What would you publish in the Marketplace *
What do you build (or plan to build) with RE? *
Would you pay for a subscription to have access to Cloud Builds, In-app services to save player states, easy drag and drop in-app store builder, networking and a publishing platform? *
Why yes or why not? *
If you're using RE. Why would you choose it over other Engines? *
What are your biggest pain points when using RE? *
What are your biggest pain points when using other Similar tools? *
What are your biggest pain points when creating and publishing web apps or games? *
What features would you like to see in Rogue Engine? *
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