How People Play
This survey can be answered with both friends, family, and romantic partners in mind.
How would you describe most of your relationships
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How have you gotten to know the people you are closest with?
e.g. how/where did you meet, how/why did you remain friends after meeting (e.g. played the same sport, have a lot of classes together, met at a party etc.)
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What kind of activities strengthen your friendships/relationships?
e.g. late night chats, playing games together, eating together, helping each other with life problems etc.
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How do you have fun with these people?
e.g. we go to concerts, we watch movies, we share a love of food...etc.
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What is it about these activities that you enjoy?
e.g. it allows us to enjoy a common interest, it allows us to open up to each other, we can meet new people, etc.
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Do you have any friends/loved ones that you can't physically be with?
e.g. distance, busy schedules..etc.
How do you keep in contact with these people?
Do you think your relationship has been affected by the lack of physical interaction?
What do you miss the most about being with your friends/loved ones (when you are apart)?
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