Culture Puzzle 4: Lì xì

On the foundations of the previous projects including “Pieces of Culture” and “The Journey 1750”, Hanoikids is proud to present a brand new series named Culture Puzzle!

“Culture Puzzle” is a series of cultural events held by Hanoikids Voluntary English Club with purposes of helping foreigners in Vietnam understand more about our own cultural beauty and creating a proactive environment for young Vietnamese people to interact with foreigners.

Culture Puzzle 4: Li xi (Lunar new year custom of blessing exchange) is intended to provide an intimate and interactive space for foreign guests together with students in Hanoi to:
(1) get to know about the Lunar new year custom of blessing exchange.
(2) gain actual experiences of making li xi.
(3) exchange cultural knowledge and interest with each other

Participation fee:
- $2/person
- 25 000 VND/student (valid student card required)
This fee covers the cost of necessary ingredients as well as beverage for participants.

Other donations will all go to the organization of other events of the club which benefit both its members and the community. Hanoikids gain no financial profits from all the activities it organizes.

Time: 18:00, January 15, 2016
Venue: Toong coworking space - No. 8 Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.

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☎ Hotline: 0965 939 418 (Ms. Hong Hanh)
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