The 2013 Spring Mondo Con AMV-competition guidelines

<b>competition guidelines</b>

<b>Competition overview</b>
As tradition, this year’s Spring Mondo Con will also host an International AMV-competition.
However, unlike previous occasions, this year the competition will be open to all and any participants from any nation around the world.

The competition will play out according to the usual rules.

The deadline for signing up to the competition is <b><font color="red">23:59 on March 17th 2013</font></b>. All videos must also be uploaded to the internet and have the appropriate download link and application form must have been sent to the address by this time.

<b>The organizers of the competition</b>
The competition is organized by the Tao Filmklub ( for the Spring Mondo Con 2013.

<b>Conditions of entry</b>
<li>Anyone may enter the competition with the exception of members of the jury and the organizing staff.</li><li>Only one completed video may be entered per participant. The only exception to this rule is a MEP (multiple editor project) entered in the competition. A member of a MEP project is allowed to enter an AMV they created solo, except if the MEP only had two members, since the workload of each video editor is considered greater.</li><li>We only accept videos made up of anime, manga or Japanese video game cutscene materials edited together.</li><li>When entering MMV-s (manga music video), try to make sure the video contains animated scenes beside the static images. The optimal solution is to find fitting scenes from anime and editing them in among the static manga shots.</li><li>Videos that include live-action segments will only be excepted if at least 60% of their runtime is made up of animation.</li><li>Commercial or other promotional content are forbidden, except for woks in the trailer AMV sub-category.</li><li>The video must be exclusive, any previous competition videos or published ones (even youtube) are disqualified</li></ul>

<b>Process of entry</b>
All participants must send the following data:
<li>The creator’s full name</li><li>The creator’s nickname</li><li>The creator’s age</li><li>The e-mail address they can be notified on *</li><li>The titles of all works the images / animation / video originate from</li><li>The titles and authors of all music used</li><li>The AMV’s title</li><li>The filename of the AMV for the sake of easy searching</li><li>A description of the AMV **</li></ul>

<i>* Due to problems with the citromail online service, which include late or undelivered messages, we advise all participants not to use citromail accounts for this purpose.</i>

<i>** A description of the AMV, its contents and any other information. Example: The AMV follows a plot where ... happens; The AMV contains an assortment of scenes from all 1200 episodes of the anime; Such and such special techniques ware used during the editing of the AMV; etc...
The point is to inform the jury of important parts of the video so they take that into consideration during judging.</i>

<b><font color="red">ATTENTION!</font></b>
Make sure to use your full name under the Name field and your nickname under the Nickname field! Failure to give
your full name after a warning issued by the organizers will result in termination from the competition!

To help registration and the recognition of all videos, please use the following system when naming your entered video:

<b>[creator’s registered nickname]_Title of AMV.fileformat</b>

Example: <b>[AMVmaker]_The_King_Returns.avi</b>

<i>* So if the nickname you gave during registration is AMVmaker, then remember to give that nickname before the name and fileformat of the submitted video! *</i>

<b><font color="red">Important!</font></b>
The Uploaded AMV should be <b>CREDITLESS</b>, as in it shouldn’t contain creator information (nickname, AMV title, used anime and music etc.), intro, studio- or other logos. The videos that make it into the finals will be linked together with info-panels in between each. These panels will contain the information given during registration and will be shown for the Audience-voting.

<i>Before submitting the AMV make sure to check for these guidelines:</i>
<li>Creditless version is sent (no creator-data, intro or logos)</li><li>Are the video- and sound format accepted by the organizers?</li><li>Make sure all elements that could lead to disqualification were removed (logos, subtitles, etc.)</li><li>Check the picture quality and make sure there are no conversion-errors (interlace, pixilation, etc.)</li></ul>

Each of the above mistakes have caused numerous disqualifications during each previous competitions, despite how easily they can be avoided or fixed.

<b>Technical requirements</b>
Videos submitted to the competition must fulfill the following technical requirements:

Container: .AVI, .MP4, .MKV, .MPEG, .MPG, .WMV *
Video codec: H264, x264, XviD, DivX (5, 6, 7), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV-9 *
Audio codec: MP3, AAC, WMA *, PCM, AC3, (min, 44Khz, stereo)
Framerate: 23,97 - 60 fps
Minimum resolution: 640×360 (16:9) és 640×480 (4:3)
Maximum resolution: 1920x1080(16:9) és 1440x1080 (4:3)

<i>* The use of the old WMV3 codec (default codec of Windows Movie Maker) is forbidden, only the more modern WMV9
version is permitted. The WMV9 codec can be downloaded here:</i>


<font color="red">The maximum file-size of the video must not exceed</font> <b><font color="red">300MB</font></b>. The contest organizers may make exceptions for HD resolution MEP type AMVs if there is a <b>JUSTIFIED</b> reason!

The AMV must contain music (at least 50% of the AMV’s runtime must have music), unless it’s a Trailer AMV due to the unique qualities of the genre. Use of audio tracks of a different language than the anime’s original (Japanese in most cases) language will result in disqualification, but short dubs (short sentences, words, shouts etc.) from the anime’s original language (mostly Japanese) may be used.

The video’s length must be <b><font color="red">minimum 1:00 minutes and maximum 6:00 minutes</font></b> long!

Score-reducing mistakes:

Mistakes that cause disqualification:
<li>Fansub</li><li>TV logo</li><li>DivX logo</li><li>Watermark</li><li>Trial version subtitles</li></ul>

Each participant may only enter the competition with their own work, otherwise they will be disqualified immediately. All participants agree to having their video publicly displayed during the 2013 Spring MondoCon and possibly having it uploaded and publicly available for viewing on the Tao Filmklub’s and the AMV Art 2.0’s official websites.

<b>How to send your video in?</b>
The complete videos must be uploaded to the dropbox free file-hosting application's cloud then the functioning
download link can be sent in this form.

<i>only approved hosting for the video:</i>


Use of other fileshare services (or private hosting) are prohibited. The important part is that it can be downloaded
without any technical difficulties. In case of a damaged link the organizers will notify the participant to fix / replace the

CDs and DVDs sent via mail will not be accepted!

<font color="red">Use of videosharing services (like Youtube etc.) are also forbidden!</font>

<font color="red">All videos must be downloadable until 23:59 on the 17th (Sunday) of March 2013. If the download link is broken, it is the responsibility of the applicant to fix it, even without notification from the organizers. If you use a private hosting for your video, please keep the download progress as simple as possible.</font>

<b>Results, prizes</b>
The best 20 AMVs will be ranked and shown. The results will be announced during the 2013 Spring MondoCon. As always there will be an Audience prize, which will be voted on by the audience during the showing. The top 3 AMVs (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) chosen by the jury will not participate in the Audience prize vote, thus making the 4th-20th placed AMVs eligible for audience vote. The audience will vote on their 3 favorite AMVs, and at the end the votes will determine the Audience choice AMV. The organizers retain the right to change the number of AMVs to show and to alter the awarding system based on changes to the number of AMVs.

<b>Announcing the results</b>
All AMVs that make it into the top 20 will be listed on the MondoCon forum a few days before the convention. The prize of the winners will be given and the top 3 amvs will be showed on 6th April 2013 as part of the program of the event 2013 Spring Mondocon. Anyone who can’t make it to the convention in person will be informed via e-mail. Everyone must arrange for the reception of their prize/diploma and pay any postal service fees themselves.

The organizers have multiple possible solutions to choose from and the final scoreboard for the AMVs will be made available on the official forum. The score given to each AMV by the jury can be learned by asking the members of the jury themselves.

<b>Terms of disqualification</b>
All participants are advised that minors will attend the convention.
The organizers retain the right to disqualify any video containing:
<li>Illegal</li><li>Derogatory</li><li>Outrageous</li><li>Provocative</li><li>Overly frightening</li><li>Pornographic</li><li>Sacrilegious or blasphemous</li><li>Revolting, scandalous</li><li>... Or any sort of scene or content which may be used to negatively impact the piritual or moral development of minors, especially through direct reference to excessive violence and / or sexuality or having a theme of
violent solutions to conflicts raised within the story of the material ...</li><li>Any material not suited for viewing by minors (like self-servingly violent or gory) or in violation of Hungarian

The organizers and jury of the current contest will take the content restrictions of the videos very seriously, especially
any age inappropriate content. All participants are advised to avoid such content.

By applying for the competition, you automatically accept and consent to its rules and regulations.

<b>Contact, information</b>
All notices and information concerning the AMV competition can be found within the corresponding topic of
MondoCon 2013 Spring <b>HERE:</b> [ENG] [HUN] . Said topic also counts as the contest’s official forum. Any questions, comments or complaints concerning the competition should be submitted in the corresponding MondoCon 2013 Spring <b>HERE:</b> [ENG] [HUN] sent to the following e-mail address:

<center><b>We wish you all luck in the competition and a good time!</b></center>

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