Application to help at PyBay2020
PyBay is a conference for the community by the community. What would you and your friends like to learn more of? Would you like to help shape other parts of 2020's program?

If you'd like to help shape this year's program:

Step 1: Tell us more about you using this form
Step 2: Look for an email from Luis Maraz, our Program Chair, to create a login to our system
Step 3: Sign-in between April 18 and May 5 to score talks that are assigned to you

If you'd like to help outside of talks voting, let us know in the form below as well.

More details:
- we will allocate talk abstracts based on your skills/interests and our needs
- speaker's name will be concealed, you are scoring talks based on the strength of the title and abstract
- popular talks will be evaluated more closely by our committee to ensure a well-balanced program
- if you'd like to help in other areas, please include relevant past experiences. Grace will schedule a call with you within the next two weeks

More volunteering info on
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Would you have time to review talk proposals between April 18 and May 5? *
We suggest budgeting ~12 hours. Majority of the proposal will come in between April 23 and May 2. If you wanted to cast vote in multiple categories, please budget more time.
Which talk and workshop theme(s) would you like to vote on? *
Feel free to select multiple themes
How would you describe your skill level in the areas above? *
Would you be interested in organizing PyBay? More info on *
Relevant experience to the area you'd like to help in
This question is especially important if you'd like to help organize PyBay. Feel free to note any desires and restrictions as well. :-)
We look forward to your help in making PyBay2020 the best one yet!
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