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With this form you register to participate in the education course in order to build a thriving business in the sharing economy. After the course, you will know your opportunities and challenges in the sharing economy, and you will have the tools and guides of how to build your business.

A number of participants of the education course will be selected to go further to get tailored coaching.

This education course is part of the SharEEN project, issued by the European Commission. The SharEEN specific objectives are:

* Mapping, identify and select those European initiatives, SMEs and social enterprises, entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs with high-growth potential and ability to benefit from the shared economy based on an assessment of their needs and potential risks;
* Link-up and establish strong cooperation with existing or new collaborative economy initiatives at regional, national or EU level;
* Organize events to discuss the development of the collaborative economy in Europe and how to support it;
* Design and deliver face-to-face and online training and coaching/mentoring services focused on shared economy to the selected SMEs social enterprises, entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs and guide them on the strategy and approach to develop their business based on their specific needs;
* Connect companies/entrepreneurs and other relevant actors with the right support services by providing advisory services, innovation and internationalization services and signposting to specialised service providers.

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PRIVACY POLICY SharEEN and SharEEN partners

SharEEN is an European pilot project on “Opportunities for European Entrepreneurs in the Sharing Economy”, co-funded by the European Commission under the Call: 251-G-GRO-PPA-16-9953. Grant agreement SI2.763745. We are SharEEN and SharEEN partners:
(1) Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias S.A. (ITC S.A.)
(2) Asociación de la Industria Navarra (AIN)
(3) Associação Comercial e Industrial do Funchal – Câmara de Comércio e Indústria da Madeira (ACIF-CCIM)
(4) ART-ER
(5) SPIN - Ricerca Innovazione e Trasferimento Tecnologico srl [SPIN]
(6) Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry [PCCI]
(7) Slovak business agency, SBA
(8) Lublin Development Foundation [LFR]

We respect your privacy and private life, but sometimes we need your personal data. In this privacy policy we explain which data we use and how we save, protect and process this data. This privacy policy applies to our online education program called ‘Building your sharing economy business’ (the Program) and the services that we offer as mentoring, coaching and customized advisory and promotion in a success stories catalogue of the Sharing Economy initiatives (the Services). We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (the Relevant Legislation).


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If you are younger than sixteen years old, you cannot use our Program and Services without the permission of your parents or legal guardian.


Personal data
To offer our Program and Services we process personal data. "Personal data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person as defined in the Relevant Legislation.

Lawful bases for processing personal data
We may store your data when you sign up for the Program through the Google Form and/or when you use our Services or when you contact us. We are allowed to process your data because you provide the data with your consent and/or we need your data to carry out the agreement between you and us and/or we have legitimate interest. If you choose not to share the necessary data, then you cannot participate in the Program, nor can you receive the Services.

We will not process your data without your consent, unless we are legally obliged to do so.

What data do we collect and how do we use your data?
To manage your registration for the participation of the Program and provide our Services we need to process the following data:
• your name;
• your phone number;
• your e-mail address.

We may also use your name and e-mail address to offer you newsletters. That way you are fully informed of other courses, activities or events promoted or participated by us. We will use an opt-in system to be sure of your permission. Every time we send you a newsletter you have the possibility to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

We can also store the following (non-personal) data when you fill in the registration form in order to sign up for the Program and/or when you voluntarily provide these data during the Program:
• company name where you work;
• country and region of operation of company;
• years of activity of company;
• sector of operation of company;
• your role in the company;
• your participation in sharing economy;
• your sharing economy idea;
• ideas and strategies that you decide to share regarding your business model and value chain;
• challenges that your experience with your business.

We will only use your personal data for the purposes listed above or any other purpose that is connected thereto. This way, your data will never be used by us in an unexpected way.


We work hard to protect your personal data from unauthorized or unlawful access, alteration, disclosure, use or destruction. That way, unauthorized persons do not have access to your data. We take the following measures to protect your personal data:

- the other participants of the Program do not have access to your personal data except your name unless you voluntarily share the data with them;
- your data will be deleted following SharEEN project grant agreement: All documents (originals of supporting documents) related to grant to be kept during 5 years after date of final payment (Art.II.20 of grant agreement)

The processors Google Forms and Moodle (see below) store your data for us. They take their own measures to protect your data. You may read about those measure in their privacy policies:


How long do we store your data?

We shall store your personal data following SharEEN project grant agreement: All documents (originals of supporting documents) related to grant to be kept during 5 years after date of final payment (Art.II.20 of grant agreement)


With whom do we share your personal data?

We may share your personal data with others. In a data processing agreement, we shall agree with those parties that they shall use your data carefully and they shall only receive the data that is relevant for their services. These parties use your data in accordance with our instructions and not for their own purposes. We share your data for example with Google Forms and Moodle. They will store your data for us. These parties are "processors" within the meaning of the Relevant

Third parties
Sometimes we share your data with third parties who are not processors. We will agree with those parties that they will use your data carefully. They will only use your data in accordance for the purposes that we received your data for. We may share your data for example with: a subcontractor who is hired to set up the Program. In this case, it is Theresa Thomasson, registered company under Theresa Thomasson in the Netherlands.


We will only process your data within the European Union. We will only process your data outside of the European Union if the country has an effective protection level for your data.

We will never transfer your data to other countries or other parties then described above.


You may find advertising or other content in our educational material that link to other websites. We do not control the content on these websites and are not responsible for the content or the privacy protection of these websites. We advise you to read the privacy policies of those websites.


Modifications to this privacy policy
We may update our privacy policy from time to time. When we change this privacy policy in a significant way, we will send you an email with the updated privacy policy.


Your rights
The data we collect is personal. Therefore, you have the following rights:
• you may request access to the personal data we process about you;
• you may request us to correct, update, shield or delete your personal information in our records;
• you may request a copy of the personal data we have processed about you. We can - on your request - send this copy to another party, so you don't have to send the data yourself;
• you may file a complaint against processing your data;
• you may file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens), if you are under the impression that we process your data unlawfully;
• you may always withdraw your consent to process your data. We cannot process your data from the moment you withdraw your consent.

Should you have further questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us via the information below.


Contact information
SharEEN is a consortium of 8 partners who are doing a project under the Euopean Commission.
The partners are:

(1) Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias S.A. (ITC S.A.); Public Law Body; Official registration No writing nº 2782, I take 924, sheet of paper 34, leaf GC 4588. Las Palmas 28/08/1992. ESPAÑA.; C/Cebrián, nº 3. 35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. ESPAÑA; A-35313170. Contact information: Lucía Dobarro Delgado, Teresa Rodríguez González, Maria Clarissa Pierobon:

(2) Asociación de la Industria Navarra (AIN); Private non-profit association; Official Registration No 31 in the Register of Associations of Navarre, Pamplona, 23/02/1966.; Ctra. Pamplona num. 1 Edif. AIN, 31191 Cordovilla-Pamplona, NAVARRA (SPAIN); G-31024706. Contact information: Contact information: Montse Guerrero:, Silvia Díaz:

(3) Associação Comercial e Industrial do Funchal – Câmara de Comércio e Indústria da Madeira (ACIF-CCIM); private non-profit association; Official registration n. 511 015 356; Official address: Rua dos Aranhas n. 26, 9000-044 Funchal, Portugal; VAT number: 511 015 356. Contact information: Isabel Viera:

(4) ART-ER Società Consortile per azioni (acronym ART-ER); official legal status or form - Joint Stock Consortium; official registration No - IT 03786281208; full official address - VIA PIERO GOBETTI 101 - 40129 BOLOGNA (ITALY); VAT number - IT 03786281208. Contact information: Kristian Mancinone:

(5) SPIN - Ricerca Innovazione e Trasferimento Tecnologico srl [SPIN]; official legal status or form: PRC (private Commercial Organisation including Consultat) - Societá a responsibilitá limitata; official registration No: CS-1996-312746; Via Pedro Alvares Cabral, 18, 87036 Comune di Rende CS, Italy; VAT 02087050783. Contact information: Sergio Scrivano:

(6) Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry [PCCI]; Non-profit organization (PNP); Reg. No 990/03.04.1990; 7, Samara Str., 4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria; BG000478883. Contact information: Dilyana Gerdzhikova:

(7) Slovak business agency, SBA; Association of legal persons; OVVS/467/1997-TA, registered at the District Office Bratislava; Official address: Miletičova 23, 821 09 Bratislava 2, Slovak Republic; Mailing address: Karadžičova 2, 811 09 Bratislava 1, Slovak Republic; VAT number: N/A. Contact information: Lukáš Dzurík, Olga Nemethova, David Smatlak:

(8) Lublin Development Foundation [LFR]; Foundation; The National Court Register: 0000052371; Rynek 7, 20-111 Lublin; Vat number: 712-10-06-293. Contact information: Justyna Barska, Cezary Pasternak:


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