2019 Lillian Fletcher Elementary Parents Fall Survey
Lillian Fletcher Elementary Fall Parent Survey
1. Is your student School of Choice? *
2. Why did you choose Homer Schools?
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3. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled in a flexible way so that I can attend. *
4. I am kept well informed of the activities at the school. *
5. I receive information about my child's progress. *
6. How often would you like to communicate with your child's teacher? *
7. What is/are the best way(s) to communicate with your child's teacher? *
8. On Sunday each grade level does a call-out letting families know what their child will be learning during the upcoming week. Do you find these calls helpful? *
9. What limits your participation in your child's school activities, meetings or conferences?
10. When would it be most convenient for you to attend activities and/or meetings? *
11. Which day(s) of the week are best for you to attend activities and/or meetings? *
12. Are you familiar with the School's Title I Teacher/Parent/Student Compact Agreement? *
13. Have you been invited to participate in school planning through the Parent Involvement Committee, school improvement plan, the Title I plan, parent involvement plan, etc. *
14. I have not participated in school planning but would like to do so in the future. I will provide my contact information at the bottom of this survey. *
15. I believe that the school staff considers my opinion when it comes to decisions concerning my child. *
If you marked no, please explain how we can improve:
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16. The school is parent friendly. *
17. My child receives what they need academically. *
18. Parents and volunteers have opportunities to become involved in activities that support the instructional program. *
19. Do you feel that the staff at your child's school has set high academic expectations for your child? *
20. Students are provided recognition for their success. *
21. Do you feel your child is safe at school? *
If no, please explain how we can improve:
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22. Parents are provided useful information for helping their children at home. *
23. As a parent, do you have trouble with any of the following?
24. When is the best time to provide additional academic support to your child? *
25. Your child can do his or her best when you and the school work together. Which of the following classes would you like the school to offer to parents?
26. Lillian Fletcher Elementary School has a positive culture. *
Please share any comments or suggestions here:
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If you would like to be involved in the school planning process please provide your contact information below.
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