After School Survey - Language Program McKinley Elementary School 2018-2019
Please complete this survey to help ASEP improve and develop our after school program. Because different children often have different experiences in the same school, please fill one out, one per child. We appreciate your feedback and support!
1. What grade is your child in?
2. What group is your child in?
3. My child has been in the McKinley Language Enrichment Program for:
4. My child attends ASEP’s Language Enrichment Program from 2pm-4pm on Mon/Tue/Thur; 1pm-4pm on Wednesday.
5. What type of communication method do you prefer to receive information from ASEP? (Please select all that are applicable).
6. How well does ASEP's administrative team (Coordinators and Directors) communicate with you about program updates and events?
7. How often would you like ASEP's administrative team to communicate with you about Language Enrichment Program updates?
8. How well does ASEP’s overall approach to classroom management work for your child?
9. Overall, how satisfied were you with the ASEP Language Enrichment Program?
10. If you are unsatisfied with the ASEP Language Enrichment Program please explain why.
Your answer
11. Is ASEP's Language Enrichment Program a safe place for your child?
12. Does your child's participation in ASEP give you (parent/caregiver) opportunities to pursue your own career and education?
13. My child's participation in ASEP provides opportunities for them to try new things and spark their creative interest.
14. My child enjoys attending ASEP Language Program.
15. Which would you prefer in regards to the length of instruction time for ASEP’s Language Enrichment Program?
16. How many days a week would you like to see ASEP’s Language Enrichment Program run?
17. I expect the ASEP Language teachers to speak to the students in Spanish or Mandarin:
18. ASEP’s Language Program uses a Play based and Academic Focused model. What is your preferred ratio of instructional focus:
19. Based on community feedback, both the Spanish and Mandarin Programs have been redesigned to include weekly curriculum themes focusing on Art, Music, Physical Education and Reading/Vocab Comprehension. ASEP has also incorporated field trips into the Language Program Curriculums. Are you aware of these program updates?
20. By the end of my child's participation in ASEP's Language program, I expect my child to be:
21. Which languages would you like to see offered through ASEP’s language program?
22. Do you plan on enrolling your child in the Language Enrichment Program for the 19-20 school year?
23. If you do not plan on enrolling your child in the ASEP Language program for the 19-20 school year please explain why.
Your answer
24. My child also attends ASEP’s Language After Care program from 4pm-6pm on Mon-Thurs and 2-6pm on Fridays.
25. If your child DOES attend the Language After-Care program, what is your satisfaction with Language After-Care program?
26. Does your child ALSO attend any of ASEP's Friday Specialty Clubs including Lego Club or STEAM Club?
27. If your DOES attend the Friday Specialty Club options, what is your satisfaction level with these programs:
28. Would you like to suggest any new Friday Specialty Club options for the 19/20 school year?
Your answer
29. If you pay tuition, how satisfied were you with the cost of the program during 2018-2019 school year?
30. Are you aware of our online payment option?
31. If you use the online payment systems, how satisfied are you with the online payment process?
32. Are you aware of our recurring payment plans?
33. If you use the recurring payment systems, how satisfied are you with the recurring payment process?
34. If you pay tuition for your child’s attendance in ASEP's Language Enrichment Program, would you continue to enroll your child if:
35. Does your child's participation in ASEP help them avoid risky behaviors after-school?
36. Please share any additional feedback you have regarding the ASEP Language Enrichment program.
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