November Get Your PHX at Midtown Roots
When I met with the owners of Midtown Roots early in 2017, I thought this would be a good place to host an event.

Midtown Roots is a dispensary with a community-minded philosophy. They not only have an impressive space at the NW corner of Thomas and Central, with 14 bud tenders stations for patients, but they are also opening part of the building as a community space and a space for daily yoga programming. They are open from 8am to 7pm daily.

This impressed me.  I always like it when a business takes in to account the local community. I've seen the owners a local community events, too. So, they are doing their best to be out there.

The whole issue of medical marijuana can be contentious. So, I appreciate when a local business like Midtown Roots takes their job seriously. They seem to have a wholistic approach to the patients who seek the help of medical marijuana.

So you, our loyal Get Your PHX fan, are going to get an exclusive tour of the facility and accurate information about what the law requires of dispensaries.

Join us on November 16th at 5:30 for a tour, snacks and beverages. (No, silly, the snacks will not have THC in them. I knew what you were thinking!)

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