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Every business can use G Suite for their organization. It is hands down the most complete communications platform with the widest range of compatibility of devices, Mac, PC or Mobile and at the best price. But, every business is unique and had complex challenges that technology can solve.

That's why you probably have landed here.

If you wish to enroll with G Suite with SaskTech Servers fill out the form below to begin our screening process. No credit card information is required and you will be eligible for a free 30 Day Trial on New Domains Registered with SaaSTech or Existing Domains that have not already been used with G Suite.

Not all clients can be accepted as a G Suite client with SaskTech Servers, there are many factors that could disqualify for signup. Below you must be a Canadian or US Business to Signup

If you have been disapproved you can signup with Google Directly with the links ( ), please note that SaskTech can not do any of the following without first being your designated partner with Google by filling the form below:

- Provision or remove users
- Edit user details
- Reset user passwords
- Edit organizational groups

Some or all help desk services will be unable to be performed without enrollment of G Suite with SaaSTech Servers.

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Usually the number of employees you have in your company so they can each login to G Suite. Each user can have 30 email aliases and you can have upto 100 alias or secondary domains.
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this is the .ca / .com / .net etc. that is to be configured with your domain for email it can not be easily changed later.
If not, would you like SaskTech to Register the Domain above as your Primary G Suite Domain
Do you have other domain names? If so, please list them below
Have your Domain(s) already been used with G Suite? If so and you are Transferring over to us for billing purposes from Google or another Partner? Please provide us with your Transfer Token. (You must be an administrator of your domain)
To get a transfer token; go to and copy and paste the alphanumeric code. More information can be found here
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