Art Fight 2017 Feedback
This is a survey for participants of the 2017 Art Fight to let us know how we did. We'd love to know so that we can make next year's Art Fight better! Please fill out as many of the questions below as you would like, the more the better.

All questions are optional, however, so feel free to fill out whatever you want. Your answers cannot be associated with you in any way, since you will not be submitting any personal information with this (unless you want to), meaning your answers will be completely anonymous.

How did you hear about Art Fight?
How did you enjoy Art Fight this year?
How often did you log into Art Fight this year?
How many official Art Fights have you participated in?
What is your age?
Are you planning on participating in Art Fight next year?
What features did you like about Art Fight 2017?
What features didn't you like?
If you could change one thing about Art Fight, what would it be?
What new features would you like to see in 2018?
Do you have any suggestions for next year? Check out our Trello first before suggesting:
We hope you had a fun month! See you next summer!
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