Mutant Vehicle Registration form for Lakes of Fire 2018
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Are you a valid licensed driver in your state of residence? *
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Do all of these people hold valid drivers licenses in their respective states?
Where will you be camping at LoF? *
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Which criteria does your vehicle meet for Mutant Vehicle status? *
A vehicle must meet AT LEAST TWO of the following standards to be classified as a mutant vehicle.
Does your vehicle have night lighting? *
Will your vehicle have amplified sound? *
Have you registered your system with the Sound Squad?
Hint: do it. The sound registration form is located here:
Will your vehicle have flame effects? *
Have you filled out a fire form with FAST?
Hint: do it. The flame effect registration form is located here:
What/Where/When Project Description *
Please give a brief description (350 characters or fewer) of your art project to be listed in the What/Where/When Event guide (aka "WWW"). Please write for publication to the general public.
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