Keep Cincinnati Beautiful Corporate Sponsored Event Neighborhood Application
We want to hear from YOU, our community partners, about what you're doing in your neighborhood and how we can help! Together with our volunteer groups, we can help give you that little extra boost when it's needed most. We have the skills, the desire, and the power to get things done!

KCB's Corporate Sponsored Events are part of our Great American Cleanup programming. Together with our corporate partners, we've been able to spearhead a variety of impactful projects over the years, but as we are growing, we'd like to change our process in how we do things!

This application is to become a NEIGHBORHOOD OF FOCUS for any of our upcoming corporate sponsored events for 2019 and beyond.

How do our corporate sponsored events work, you ask?
- Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, in cooperation with a community group, will plan a full-scale and all-inclusive volunteer project for our corporate partners during cleanup season. We select a neighborhood, establish a focus area, and build a detailed project list with input from the community stakeholders. We also take into consideration the needs of our corporate group in terms of group size, time of year they want to work, and any restrictions on location, etc.
- KCB provides all of the tools and supplies needed for the day of the event, and we serve as team leads to instruct the volunteers on the specific project tasks. We clean up after the day is finished, and you're left with a cleaner, more beautiful neighborhood.

What do we need from you?
- KCB needs you to tell us how we can help! What would be the most impactful for you and your community?
- We need your input on planning and prep work behind the scenes for the day of the event.
- We need extra team leads and participation from you and your committee to help the day of the event. Typically this involves directing volunteers and other partners for the day. Be a part of it all from beginning to end.
- Sustainability. We want your commitment that the projects we do will be maintained beyond the day of the event.

Why should I apply?
- The planning, actual day-of-work, and supplies provided for your community is valued between $5,000- $35,000 depending on the volunteer group size and their sponsorship provided to KCB.

Please click NEXT to begin application process. You cannot save progress on you application. Application takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Completion of this application does not guarantee participation.
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