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This is to save some time and emails about all the boring bits.
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What service do you require? *
How confident are you with your mix? If you have any references you can leave links here too. If you are using the mix feedback service, give me any info about your mix here. Please put any notes / concerns here or call / email to discuss. *
For Mastering + Stem Mastering - Do you need a master for the club? (Loudness aimed to match other club tracks) *
For Mastering / Stem Mastering - Do you require vinyl pre masters? The files I provide for vinyl are non limited version of the digital masters. A good cutting engineer may make small tweaks to my masters to get the best cut. *
Have you checked your track in mono? Please also check the start and end of your track. *
Files are delivered in 16 bit 44.1 khz as this is standard for digital distribution. If you use bandcamp I recommend 24bit so please note below if you want this. Vinyl files will be 24 bit. If you require any other formats or bit rates please specify below.
Please listen to your pre master / stems / mix all the way through, check for errors. Please send Wavs or AIFF's @ 24 bit or higher and 44.100khz or higher. (whatever your project sample rate is, do not up-sample, there is no point). Please take any limiters off the master and leave -4dbs of headroom. *
Please provide a link to the files here. (Please use non expiring links - no sendspace please) *
Deadline? *
I will always email you within a day of receiving this form. If you don't receive a response send me an email and I can check the form submissions.
Please note that if you send an altered mix after I have mastered the first mix it will be treated as a new master and therefore charged again. If the mix is re submitted because of a very basic change - structurally or a panned element for example then that is free of charge. Tick here to agree you have read and are happy with the prices. (price changes as of 8/6/21) *
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