The One Form for Critical Northwest 2019
Looking to bring a mutant vehicle to Critical? Need a grant for some art (new art, refurbished art, and workshop grants)? Have a vehicle camping pass and need to register your details with spacement? This is the right place!

THEME CAMP APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Thank you so much to all who applied! Spacement will be reaching out to everyone at the end of the month.

ART APPLICATIONS will remain open on a rolling basis (granted and non-granted). Applications submitted after 3/31 will be considered after the initial submissions are evaluated IF funds and space are available.

VEHICLE CAMPING APPLICATIONS will remain open until all purchased passes have been registered. This is needed to sleep in ANY vehicle on site- even a car. All vehicles need a vehicle pass of some kind (Vehicle camping for RVs not in theme camps (powered or unpowered) or vehicles used in TC for camping. Parking passes are needed for all other vehicles including camp infrastructure vehicles.)

A list of the question on this form can be found here: **Note: digital form still needs to be made and not all questions apply to your needs. Most sections questions can be skipped to cater to what you are applying for.

Direct any additional questions about placement of theme camps or art to
Direct any additional questions about grant applications to

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Do you need space for vehicle camping outside of a theme camp (e.g. RV)? *
Select yes if you need placement RV or car camping. Note that you still need a vehicle camping pass to bring an RV to Critical.
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