Contemporary Resistance in Native Artistry
There is a shared history and culture of purpose between Native American and African American people. From the civil rights movement and allied work of the American Indian Movement, many contemporary Native artists' work has drawn on the inspiration of resistance and calls upon connection to community to build strength. There is a groundswell of Native creatives throughout arts, culture, entertainment and literature who stand on the ground broken by decades of activists. Through their art, music and writing, Native people fight injustice and seek liberation through connection to an ever expanding community of Indigenous people and true allies.

In this discussion on Thursday, February 10th from 6-7:30pm in Hop Garage 131 and on Zoom, join the Native and Indigenous artists of ‘Welcome to Indian Country’ to explore:

-What contemporary resistance and coalition-building look like in their (and our) communities
-How contemporary resistance shows up in their artforms
-How they work towards collective liberation in their (and our) work

Hosted by OPAL, the Native American Program and the Hopkins Center for the Arts as part of Black Legacy Month 2022.
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