October 2019 Accredited Bundle Interop results submission form

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If the field is left blank, DirectTrust will utilize the contact information listed on the DirectTrust Interop Directory if further information is needed about the reported result(s).
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If multiple POSITIVE tests are being reported, please select the second option below. To use the standard single test response (can be used for all reports), please choose the first option. *
For Multiple results form: Testing MUST meet all criteria: 1. Message was sent to this counter party (left my system without immediate fail). 2. Processed MDN was Received and Usable by my system. 3. Beyond the MDN: Counter party confirmed the message I sent to them was received and its payload could be incorporated (if receiving system is an EHR endpoint) OR was readable (if receiving system is a HISP endpoint). Counter party may alternatively confirm this in their own report.
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