Informational Source Notes
Research your topic to include a minimum of FOUR sources with TWENTY source notes. The source information and notes should be entered into this form. I would recomend that you copy and paste from a Google Drive document rather than keeping this form open for all of your note-taking and essay writing.

Your notes may be in sentence or bullet form.

Documentary: while watching it, you should write down at least FIVE FACTS you can use in your essay from that source.
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What is the title of a documentary, what company/person/network produced it, what source did you use to watch it (i.e. Amazon, YouTube, CNN...., what date was it produced, what date did you watch it, and any production information provided)?
5 points
Fact one
4 points
Fact two
4 points
Fact three
4 points
Fact four
4 points
Fact five
4 points
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