M.P. Rempel - Spring Survey
The Parliamentary Budget Office (Which provides independent analysis on the government's estimates) projects that since taking office, Justin Trudeau’s government has amassed over $56 billion in deficit spending. Does this level of deficit spending concern you?
According to current projections, the federal government will not balance the budget until 2040 and stands to add an additional $271 billion in debt. What are your thoughts on when Canada should return to balanced budgets?
According to a 2017 report by the Conference Board of Canada, 98% of Canadians either already have or are eligible for private or public drug coverage. Budget 2019 spends $35 million to establish a Canadian Drug Agency Transition Office. However, this is not a formal pharmacare plan. Do you think the government should pursue a national pharmacare plan?
In 2017, Alberta sent Ottawa $50.3 billion, and only sent back $28.4 billion. Alberta, under the current formula, receives no equalization payments either. Do you think the government should review and make changes to the equalization formula?
The Prime Minister has made the Federal Carbon Pollution Pricing System (Carbon tax) his government’s signature environmental policy. Do you think a carbon tax is an effective way to lower carbon emissions and/or impact climate change?
How am I doing as your representative in Ottawa?
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