Oxford Friends of the Earth - Schools Survey
We will be gathering the results of this survey to draw together a set of good practice examples from schools across the county previously active on environmental issues. On June the 20th (National Clean Air Day), representatives from Schools will be invited to attend a Seminar on successful practices. The data from this survey will be anoymised and presented at a public conference, and a report will be generated using the data. We hope that you or others from your school will be able to attend the Seminar.


This survey is comprised of 10 questions. It should take about five minutes to complete. None of the questions are compulsory. Personal data will not be shared and shall be treated as confidential. Responses to our environmental questions will be anonymised and will be used to generate a report and present to the public.


Oxford Friends of the Earth is a well-established environmental group and we are keen to help develop solutions to improve our local and national environment. As part of our work we are working with the City and County councils. We are aware of activity being done by schools and have supported the ‘Oxford Air needs your care’ programme in the city.
1) Please tell us the name of your school.
We will use this to keep track of who has responded to our survey.
Your answer
2) Has your School done any of the below to protect the environment in the past?
Please tick all that apply.
3) Is this initiative ongoing? And how long has your School been running it?
If multiple initiatives have been implemented at your School, please answer this question for each one.
Your answer
4) Who or what inspired your School to take action?
For example, concern for the health of school children from parents.
Your answer
5) What organisations have you had support from?
Please tick all that apply.
6) Which initiative implemented at your School was the most effective or successful, and why?
Please give as much detail as possible.
Your answer
7) What, if anything, has been the impact of your School taking action?
Please rate each option from 1 to 5. 1 being no change or impact, and 5 being a significant change or impact.
Increased awareness of pollution issues
Reduced car travel to school
Reduced cars on roads near school
Reduced idling of cars near school
Increased use of public transport
Increased active travel to school
8) If an additional impact not listed above was an outcome of action, please describe this impact below.
Your answer
9) Please give the name and contact information for the person responsible for your school’s actions.
This will allow Oxford Friends of the Earth to keep in touch with the appropriate person at your school in future.
Your answer
10) Would you, the above person or another representative like to attend our event on the 20th of June?
If yes, who will attend?
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