CNY 2022 English Speaking Challenge Survey
非常感謝您填寫這份簡短的問卷。 不要忘了參加 ENG-1 和 ENG-2 的口說測驗挑戰!還有機會贏2000元的獎金! 活動 2 月 6 日午夜結束

Thank you so much for filling out this short form. Don't forget to take the ENG-1 and/or ENG-2 challenge to complete your entry in the lucky draw for 2000NTD! The last day to submit this survey and your ENG-1 and/or ENG-2 assessment submission is midnight, Feb 6, 2022.

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您的名字 (與您參加Sensay口說測驗的名字相同). What is your name? Please match it with the name used to take the Sensay assessment. *
您之前有參加過托福、託業或雅思等英語測驗嗎? Have you taken an English assessment such as TOEFL, TOEIC, and/or IELTS before? *
您的分數是? What was your score(s)? *
你學了多少年的英語課程? How many years of English courses have you taken? *
根據 CEFR 您的英語程度是 (或自我評估)?  What is your English level (if known) according to CEFR? (Your own self-assessment/best guess is OK). *
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