Liminal Spaces: A Digital Reading Series
Liminal Spaces is a monthly(?) reading series held over the internet to connect people in our in between places

The concept of liminality describes the transitory stage of things, the threshold between places, the discomfort and unease of being in an undefined space. Within our society, capitalism and the divisions it creates though rigid class structures and racism and homophobia and misogyny and transphobia and ableism and all other forms of bigotry fracture our society and our psyches creating liminal spaces and liminal identities that should be complete and should feel whole and comforting rather than disorienting. We are living in a time when the consequences of capitalism, and the alienation it creates, have never been more starkly visible.

This is a space intended to create and hold space for those who need it, one to explore how to connect when connection feels impossible, and a place where despite the strangeness of speaking into a void, we should feel safe.

No one will be turned away from this reading series for quality of work or for lack of publications or notoriety. However, readers will be turned away (and removed, if you manage to sneak by) for promoting any form of bigotry.

People who are not cisgendered heterosexual able bodied white men will be prioritized for selection of readers.

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