COVID 19 & Unlock status - Survey
Stay home, stay safe!
Department of Microbiology, Yashavantrao Chavan Institute of Science(Autonomous) Satara, organizes a survey about COVID 19 & Unlock status. This survey intends to know your opinion and enhance awareness in the wake of this pandemic.

Asst. Prof. Vidya Patil, Asst Prof. Mrudul Sutar, Asst Prof. Manasi Raut
Department of Microbiology
Asso. Prof. N. S. Joshi
HOD, Department of Microbiology
Prin. Dr. B. T. Jadhav
Yashavantrao Chavan Institute of Science(Autonomous) Satara.
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Workplace/City *
1) What is your present employment status? *
2) Would you like to continue working/studying from home at this time? *
3) Are you mentally and physically healthy enough to work/ do duties? *
4) In this unlock phase, do you prefer going to your workplace or working from home? *
5) Mark the statements you agree with regarding joining the duties: *
6) What precautions do you take during the current unlock phase? *
7) Do you know that the prolonged use of a medical mask does not cause carbon dioxide intoxication nor oxygen deficiency? *
8) Are you aware that various home remedies like ayurvedic concoctions, steam inhalation are not authentic cure/ medication for COVID infection? These are general measures to enhance immunity
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9) Do you feel the necessity of any sort of training at work and public places to ensure a safe environment in this pandemic situation to curb the spread of COVID 19? *
10) Do you feel the necessity of undertaking diagnostic tests if you have been unknowingly exposed to COVID patients even if you do not have any symptoms? *
11) If so which test you would prefer *
12) In the ongoing unlock phase, hotels and eateries have been allowed to operate. Will you go there? *
13) In the ongoing unlock phase do you feel safe to send child/s from your family to school /college? *
14) In your opinion, is ongoing online school/college education effective than a conventional offline mode of schooling? *
15) Will you insist continuation of the online mode of education post-COVID as well? *
16) In your opinion is online shopping a good alternative to avoid unnecessary public exposure? *
17) Do you feel the necessity of imposing certain regulations by the government in the time of upcoming festivities like Navratri and Diwali? *
18) Do you agree that instead of government regulations and restrictions, citizens' self-discipline is more necessary to ensure safe social engagements? *
19) If you agree to the above statement, will you observe discipline in upcoming festivities by not traveling and visiting your far off relatives ? *
20) In this ongoing unlock phase do you feel safe visiting parks, gyms, shopping centers, and places of worship?
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21) Do you confirm the authenticity/validity of information before following and/or forwarding it using your social media accounts? *
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