Creative Team Purpose, Vision and Values
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The process of being incorporated into the Creative Team
STEP ONE: Before we would begin someone in the process of adding them to the CT, they should have faithfully attended FFG for a minimum of 6 months. (this will be defined as not having missed more than 4 Sundays in a 6 month span).

STEP TWO: We will give them the Creative Team Philosophy document for them to digest, as well as the “Desire to Serve” application. If they agree to serve under our Philosophy, they will fill out the “Desire to Serve” application and turn it in to us.

STEP THREE: If there is nothing on the Application that would preclude them, they will attend rehearsals for one month. The first two weeks to observe how we rehearse, how we interact, etc. The next two weeks they would be given opportunities to jump in and participate (not for purpose of being on the platform that Sunday, but just so our musicians could attempt to gauge their ability). This will give us 4 weeks to see if they are on time, cooperative, etc., and 2 weeks to see if they’ve learned the music.

STEP FOUR: A time for them to demonstrate their proficiency.

Purpose (why we exist)
To create an engaging environment where God is celebrated and people are inspired to “Live Fully” for Jesus.
Vision (what we want to see happen)
We desire our worship times to be so Christ-centered and Spirit-filled, that our church family considers them to be the most valuable time of their week, and as a result of that value, unbelievers are attracted and drawn towards Jesus.
Values (the principles upon which our Purpose and Vision are fulfilled)
a. Since our purpose is to create an engaging environment where God is celebrated and people are inspired to “Live Fully” for Jesus, we must be enthusiastic as we fulfill our role in this purpose.
b. Practice (our preparation before rehearsal) should be FUN! Rehearsal should be FUN! And getting an opportunity to share our talents to lead people to “Live Fully for Jesus” should be FUN!

“Always work enthusiastically for the Lord.” 1 Cor. 15:58

a. We will pursue excellence, not for sake of vanity or pride, but to remove as many “off-ramps” to worship as is possible. We pursue excellence, with Godly reverence, as a sacrificial offering on our part out of our love for God, for our church family, and for unbelievers who do not grasp worship yet but do grasp musicianship.
b. We will be prepared for rehearsal so that we may offer God and our church family our best.
c. Music will be selected far enough in advance that each member can show up for rehearsal well-prepared. The goal is to have music selected at least three weeks in advance.
d. Each member of the Creative Team should be committed to advancing their own competency level.

“Praise the Lord . . . make music for Him . . . play skillfully!” Psalm 33:2-3

a. We will work to develop our own identity. We don’t desire to be a copy of someone else. God has placed us at this place, in this time for His glory.
b. We believe that God’s favorite style of music is that which draws people to Him. As such, we will constantly be looking for ways to enhance our worship, as long as it is in line with our Purpose and Vision. We will not be limited by style or genre.
c. We will not fear new music or new trends, but will embrace them, as long as they are in line with our Purpose and Vision.
d. We want to keep our worship times fresh, by creating different looks, using new videos and backgrounds. We don’t want to go on auto-pilot. Predictability creates an off-ramp where people can disengage from worship.
e. Innovation is fostered by an open exchange of ideas. Everyone on the Creative Team will be used at different times for collaboration, creating excitement, enthusiasm, and synergy.

“Sing a new song of praise to Him” Psalm 33:3

a. We offer our talents and time as servants of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
b. We desire to serve under the direction of our Lead Pastor, with decisions made that benefit and serve our entire church family.
c. No one is entitled to any position or role. We want to include as many people whom God has given the gift of music as is possible. As our team grows, servants don’t feel frustrated because they are on the platform less; they feel fulfilled because the Purpose and Vision of the Creative Team is being fulfilled. As servants, we worship the same whether in the crowd or on the platform!
d. Our predisposition is to have different people serving on the platform each week. This will show others that are gifted musically that there is a place for them to serve on the Creative Team. True servants are inclusive, not exclusive.

“. . . regarding your question about the special abilities the Spirits gives us . . . given to each of us so we can help each other.” 1 Corinthians 12:1, 7

a. This is Christ’s prayer for His followers in John 17:20-23. While we are all different, we will be unified in working to see the fulfillment of the Creative Team’s Purpose and Vision.
b. While each member of the Creative Team will have different tastes and like different songs, we will share as a common theme a desire to use songs that are Christ-centered and which focus on God’s attributes, as opposed to human action and feelings.
c. While we desire for the Creative Team to be unified, we do not desire it to be exclusive (see 1d). As such, the Creative Team is not to be seen as a “Connection Group”, and each individual who serves on the Creative Team should actively seek out their own “CG” where they can share in the lives with others in our church family.

“May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me . . .” John 17:23

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