MTG Tournament
This form is for early sign ups for the Magic the Gathering Tournament at SeaDog Nights & Gypsy Carnival Young Adult Party on Saturday Night. This event is for folks ages 15 to 20.

Standard with Legal Ban List

Buy In: 40 DPs - Buy In must be paid on site of the event
No Dog Pounds? Opportunities to earn DPs are:
See Volunteer Shift sign ups when they become available.
Post Office General via the Bank of the SeaDog Nation - Act as runners for deliveries....

First Place Winner: 100 DPs, 2 Life Counters + Large Prize TBD
Second Place Winner: 75 DPs, 1 Life Counter + Large Prize TBD
Third Place Winner: 50 DPs + 2 Booster Packs

Other Prizes:
Players with Pirate and/or Merfolk Decks will receive 10 DPs

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