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Hosted By Pure Textuality PR.

Challenge might be the wrong word but it sounded better than "exercise thingy". Each week, we will post a writing prompt, dialog line, or story starter out on our blog (it will also be included in the weekly author newsletter). Participating authors will then have the week to post a piece of flash fiction based on the provided prompt to their Wattpad profile.

The purpose of the challenge is to give writers a fun, weekly routine exercise to keep their writer brain fresh, even if they're not currently working on a book. No one is judging the content of the flash fiction. The challenge is simply being created as something that can be done as a community.

At the end of each year, there will be prizes for certain markers, such as highest number of reads, highest number of likes, most weekly challenges completed, etc. Tied participants will be entered into random.org and the prize winner will be chosen using their list randomizer tool.

Your flash fiction must be 200 or more words in length. Each participant will create a new work on Wattpad called Flash Fiction Challenge using challenge cover Pure Textuality PR provides. Each weekly challenge gets published as a new part in that work. Each year, we will provide participants with a new cover customized with their name.

For an example of set up, view Pure Textuality PR owner Jena Gregoire's: https://www.wattpad.com/story/159775795-flash-fiction-challenge-2018-volume-i

This will be a weekly challenge we post indefinitely. The challenge covers have the appearance of a composition notebook and each year, the color of the notebook will change. For instance, 2018's cover is shown in the banner above and the color is burgundy. 2019 will be marked as 2019 - Volume II and will be a different color.
If you miss a week, YOU'RE FIRED! Just kidding. No you're not. If you miss a week, it's totally not a big deal. The only thing affected by missing a week is the fewer you participate in, the lower your chances of winning the prize for most weeks participated. ;) No one gets disqualified or booted from the challenge if they miss a week. Your degree of participating is up to you.
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