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This year’s Nonprofit Summer Camp will be held on Thursday, July 19, 2018, 9 am-4:45 pm, at VT Technical College in Randolph, Vermont.

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In this lively and interactive workshop you will use the Odyssey Planning technique from the bestselling book, Designing Your Life, to open up to new possible life directions.
TRAINER: Jenn Hayslett, Coach and Consultant, Graduate of Center for New Leadership’s Training, Facilitation and Consulting Certificate.

Equity and Inclusion: Intro to Trauma Informed Practice
Learn about the principles of Trauma Informed Practice and how they apply to YOUR work. Whether you do direct service with marginalized populations, or are trying to build inclusive policy within your organization, a trauma informed lens is an essential tool for interpersonal and organizational equity. When we acknowledge ACES, ongoing, and historical trauma, we also acknowledge systemic oppression and power dynamics. This is how we shift the paradigm around inclusion. Come share, listen, and get vulnerable in this interactive practice session.
TRAINER: Kendra Colburn with Equity Solutions VT

Introduction to Financial Literacy:
A great foundational workshop that uses games, worksheets and quizzes to make you comfortable and familiar with the four basic financial reports - Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Budget, and Cash Flow Projection. Fantastic for Board members, EDs, future EDs, and anyone who wants to better understand the finances of your organization.
TRAINER: Alex Fisher of Open Bookkeeping (Marlboro MBA).


WORKSHOP FULL - REGISTRATION CLOSED. How Can We Network and Support Each Other Using Circle?
For many, balancing the demands of work and home is an ever-present challenge. At the same time, professional networking, connection and social support is something that we seek but may be missing or can’t make time for in our lives. Practice a deeper level of conversation and learn the benefits of being part of a connection circle; experience and practice using a tool for problem solving/brainstorming to gain the benefit of support from diverse perspectives; and learn how to start your own networking and connection circle to sustain your work and support your personal and professional leadership development. This is an interactive workshop so come prepared to participate!
TRAINER: Chris Meehan of Vermont Foodbank, Marlboro MBA

WORKSHOP FULL - REGISTRATION CLOSED: Diversity in Non-Profit and Community Organizations:
Racism, classism and patriarchy are manifestations in our communities and how non-profit and community organizations understand the mechanisms of racism, classism and patriarchy affects the work they do and the people they serve. Participants in the workshop will explore what their ideas of race, class, gender, LGBTQ are and broaden their knowledge of those issues by partaking in discussions and activities. They will examine how to incorporate the new ideas into their work and resources will be provided.
TRAINERS: Nina Kunimoto, Nicole Awwad and Maresa Nielson of the Spark Teacher Education Institute of Marlboro Graduate School.

Building Inclusive Online Communities:
The value of an online community lies in its potential to provide members with a space to discuss ideas, share resources, and address challenges together. In this workshop participants will explore how to build and facilitate inclusive online communities. Expect to have fun, play games, and boost effective online communication skills.
TRAINER: Sarah Pidgeon, Marlboro MBA and Summer Camp Co-Director


Using an example non-profit, participants will walk through how to create and edit a non-profit budget with 3-4 program areas; an excellent opportunity to share a budgeting process and learn how to connect your mission and goals to your finances. An interactive and engaging way to tackle this important skill-set!
TRAINER: Alex Fisher of Open Bookkeeping (Marlboro MBA)

Equity and Inclusion: Intro to Microaggressions
When you're a person of color, a poor or working class person, a queer, trans, or gender nonconforming person, work can be a minefield. Often, well-intentioned organizations attempt to hire folks from marginalized populations, but can't retain them. Why? In this introductory session, we'll explore our own experiences with microaggressions, and learn how systems of oppression play out on internal, interpersonal, and policy levels. Participants will practice interrupting internal bias and learn strategies for shifting oppressive narratives.
TRAINER: Kendra Colburn with Equity Solutions VT

WORKSHOP FULL - REGISTRATION CLOSED. Managing People and Managing Up
Learn to manage employees, interns and volunteers in a effective and impactful way that supports their learning and gets the work done (without you doing it!). Plus learn tools and tips for managing UP to ensure a productive and supportive relationship with your own boss.
TRAINER: Sonia Silbert, Interim Director for Special Projects and Outreach for Center for New Leadership and Graduate of Center for New Leadership’s Training, Facilitation and Consulting Certificate.

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2018 Workshops
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