Campfire...listening post.
Hello Campfire Community
I am about to set up October's Campfire tickets and wanted to take this opportunity to check in with you all.

The monthly Campfire has now officially turned 1 year old (even though I have been working on the idea for years!) and I have some thoughts about how it might look going forwards...however how you all feel about it is critical to that goes.

My main motivation is to get some response to a new proposed ticket pricing approach.
It turns out the current ticketing approach doesn't work! Unfortunately I have had to top up the difference between ticket sales and donations (it is complex, ask the tax man, happy to explain it to you some day and you can fall asleep).

At the last Campfire we decided a ticket price was still a good idea (to help regulate numbers)...however I look forward to getting more responses to this.

I also thought it was a good opportunity to gather some feedback in general about the experience.

This should only take a couple of minutes to complete.



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