Availability Submission Form for The Torch Show Schedule (January / February / March 2019)
*** DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: submit your team's availability by Friday, December 28th @ 11:59pm ***

*** All performers must read, understand, and physically sign The Torch Theatre's Code of Conduct. A digital copy of the Code of Conduct is available to read at http://j.mp/torchcc and physical copies to read and sign are available at the Torch box office. Since March 2017, we've been collecting Code of Conduct signatures from performers before their shows and will continue. Please pass this information to the people of your group. ***

This form is to submit your availability for The Torch Theatre's January / February / March 2019 programming schedule. Submitting your availability doesn't guarantee a spot on the schedule but hopefully, it makes the process of sharing your availability more clear and streamlined.

We're excited to hit the ground running with shows in January. Dates for the first weekend of January have been omitted to accommodate a slight push back of the starting shows in 2019 due to renovations.

Please read through as thoroughly as possible and fill out information as completely as possible.

Things to note:

- Hold on to a copy of your group's info (such as your roster of members, group description, group history, etc.) if you think you'll be interested in submitting in the future as well. Since it's been three months since the last submission period, that's enough time for some rosters to have changed and keeping track of it on our end can be a chore. I suggest using whatever your preferred way of writing notes for yourself (Google Docs, Word, or your phone's notes app) or even emailing yourself.

- Please be specific & upfront about your group's rehearsal information and who your current coach is. Show quality is directly affected by a group's rehearsal habits and potential show quality is one of the factors used to help program the show schedule. Occasionally, we check in with the coaches that groups mention to make sure that groups are sticking with their stated rehearsal schedule and for perspective on individual group's development.

- General Show Times:
Thursdays @ 8pm (The Jump: 20 mins/20 mins/25 mins)
Fridays @ 8pm (The Trifecta: 20 mins/15 mins/20 mins)
Fridays @ 9pm (unnamed: 20 mins/25 mins
Saturdays @ 7pm (The Revolver: 25 mins/25 mins)

- We're looking for longform improv groups in The Torch Theatre community who can put on a great show (that is, that wonderful mix of great scenework & group play that leads to cohesive and compelling performances). Preference for scheduling in The Trifecta and The Revolver will be given to performers who have a proven track record, who will promote their shows, and who rehearse regularly with a coach or director. There's more leeway in The Jump and in The Future for newer groups & projects but we hope that folks will be just as equally committed to promoting their outings and rehearsing. Also, there is a preference of larger ensembles (5 people or more) over smaller groups (4 or less) for the sake of facilitating more stage time for more performers. Finally, we highly encourage groups that have never performed before at The Torch to submit to Cagematch first before submitting to the general schedule.

- Additionally, teams & shows that submit their availability via this form are subject to having their shows evaluated by members of The Torch Theatre's board, being given notes & feedback on their performances, and having evaluations of their show be considered in creating future show schedules.

- There are great opportunities for people of all levels to play in Bingo Jam (1st Saturdays @ 6:30pm), Riot Jam (2nd Fridays @ 10pm), Cagematch Jam (3rd Saturdays @ 10pm), and Flash Jam (4th Friday @ 10pm).

- To submit for Cagematch (Saturdays @ 10pm) or The Run (four-week runs on Saturdays @ 8pm), visit http://www.thetorchtheatre.com/subs/

- Torch Performer Page (info on promoting shows with 2-for-1s, getting comp tickets to give to guests, the Torch Code of Conduct, information on Torch Board meetings, getting a coach for your team, signing up for use of the Annex, etc.) The code is 4721:

Questions, thoughts, or feedback? Let me know via jose@thetorchtheatre.com

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Link to Team's Recent Video of Performance (within the last 6 months) *
Torch performances can be found by searching at this link https://vimeo.com/thetorchtheatre/videos -- once you're at that link, you can search for your group's name.
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How long have your been rehearsing and performing together as a group? Have you performed at The Torch before? Where else have you performed?
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Spreading the Word About Your Shows *
The Torch uses various means to promote & publicize. How does your group plan to get the word out and get people into seats?
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Is your team interested in performing in an upcoming Harold Night? *
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Is your team interested in being called upon a quick-reply substitute team? *
A quick-reply substitute team ("sub team" for short) is one whose team contact person, if a performance slot opens up, is able to reply within an hour or two of being initially contacted and who usually can have a majority of their performers confirmed as able to perform within a few hours.
Team Availability for Thursdays @ 8pm aka The Jump *
Team Availability for Fridays @ 8pm aka The Trifecta *
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Does your team want to be considered as a co-host team for Flash Jam (4th Fridays @ 10pm in October and November)? *
A co-hosting team will help host, briefly explain guidelines of longform improv (scenes, edits, and tagouts) & jam etiquette, perform a 10 minute set as a team, and then perform alongside Flash Jam participants.
Favorite/Best Shows (without your involvement) You've Seen in the Last 3 to 6 months? *
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