Compassionate Houston Partner Promotion and Collaboration Opportunities
We are committed to growing the compassionate culture of Greater Houston by expanding our programs and reach this year. Our new offerings and programs allow us to promote your important work. Please fill out this brief survey so that our communication with you this year is tailored to your mission and your intentions.

Here is a brief description of our programs

4/22/19 - 4/29/19 Compassion Week - A week of themed service projects, networking events, and education and practice opportunities.
Quarterly Supper Clubs - Social gatherings for compassion focused community members.
Practice Circles - Monthly practice circles as entry circles to various practices and deepening circles for practicing compassion and applying practice to our daily lives.
Living Room Conversations - Carefully curated conversations that lead to deeper understanding, compassion, and connection.
Book Group - A book group formed around literature that leads to deepening and widening our circles of compassion.
Compassionate Community Calendar - Our online calendar highlighting our partners’ events, service opportunities, and practice groups.
Compassionate Action Blog - We celebrate and share inspiration and opportunities offered by our partners.

3/29/19 Annual Luncheon - An opportunity to connect, celebrate, and fuel our year of Compassionate Action.

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Charter For Compassion - Sign the Charter before 3/1/2019 to be included in our celebration of chartered collaborators at our Annual Luncheon
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