Sankey Photographic Collection - Activity Survey
We've just secured early funding from Heritage Lottery Fund to begin developing a plan of activity commencing mid-2019 surrounding The Sankey Photographic Archive.

THE SANKEY'S were a father and son duo who documented life in Barrow and Cumbria over 70 years, capturing the landscape, cultural changes, individuals, industry & tourism (plus much more). The photographs they created from their photography were posted all over the world!

We've been working closely with the Sankey family since 2016 and are excited to create an incredible programme of future events (pending further funding support) hopefully starting in 2019 - 2022. However, before this happens, we want to hear from you: Do you have any Sankey connections? Are there any workshops you'd love to get involved with? If so, please fill in our survey as we would love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

For additional information please contact / 01229823592

Have you heard of the Sankey photographic collection before today? If so, in what context have you come across the collection?
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If funding was to go ahead, which activities might you be interested in?
Not at all interested
Not very interested
Feel netural
Quite interested
Very interested
Researching in the library or online
Collecting oral histories
Filming people's memories
Talking to people about their memories e.g, local residents who remember the photographers or worked in the shop
Using digital technologies such as the internet and web design to interpret the collection
Writing blogs, social media and designing phone and computer apps
Events and exhibitions to share the collection publicly
Film screenings (curated with relevant themes)
Collaborating with young people to explore the collection
Digital photography workshops
Analog photography workshops (darkroom photography)
History of photography workshops / talks
Creative writing workshop
Interpreting and writing about the history of the Sankey collection
Creative postcard projects - exploring the Sankey postcard collection
Local history talks
Mapping journeys of postcards and messages on a digital online map
Walking app and walking tours of Barrow inspired by the collection
Volunteering activities - adding new metadata to photographs (e.g, identifying what is in the photo and carrying out further research)
Field trips to sites the Sankeys photographed (in and around Cumbria/Lancashire)
Creating a documentary film about the collection
Creating a narrative film inspired by the stories and photographs
Comparing Sankey photographs with same locations today to witness similarities and differences
Are there any activities we have not mentioned above that you may be interested in?
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If we were to run workshops and events what time of day / days would work for you?
Do you know of any individuals or groups who may be interested in taking part in such a project? If so, can you name them.
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We want to come up with a new name for the project - do you have any suggestions for what the project could be called?
The names we have used so far include; Seeing the North with Sankey and The Sankey Photographic Archive, however we are looking for a new name so any suggestions are much appreciated
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Additional comments
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If you wish to be contacted about the project, please leave your personal information below.
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Address - House Name / Number & Street
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