Neuroscience of Human Cognition T32: Presentation Feedback Survey
Please help our presenters become even stronger speakers by providing constructive comments
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Constructive Comments (suggestions for presentation and/or scientific content):
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1 = needs significant work and revised approach
2 = basics are there but needs work
3 = solid, but could be more polished
4 = excellent
Presentation Content
Presented appropriate content and background
Highlighted novelty, what can be contributed to existing knowledge, why the study is important
Slides were clear, and not overcrowded
Slides helped to get key points across (not just identical to spoken words)
Adequate use of pointer (not distracting)
Presenter Skills
Knowledgeable about topic and conveyed information clearly
Connected with audience (e.g., eye contact)
Voice was loud enough and engaging
Professional demeanor for a scientific presentation
Level appropriate for audience (mixed audience requires more explanation, less jargon)
Respectful of audience questions, not defensive
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