Harvesting & Collecting - NE Kent coast
Please see advisory links and the voluntary Shellfish Collecting Coastal Code below

# Reports of large numbers of people directed into collecting needs to go directly to
'Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority' (Tel: 0800 432 0804) www.gla.gov.uk

# People should only contact Thanet Council Environmental Health if large quantities of hand harvested oysters
or cockles are being sold to the public or to a local food business.

# Damage to chalk reef (eg using tools to chip off oysters) to Natural England, please report to the
Kent Police on Tel: 101

# Collection of periwinkles by mechanical means (other than by hand),
native oysters collection, or large scale cockle harvesting, to
Kent & Essex IFCA Tel: 01843 585310

# Guidelines for Shellfish & Other Marine Life Harvesting:

- Tread carefully to avoid damage to the rocky chalk shore
especially on the lower shore where the chalk is most fragile

- Always put rocks and seaweed back the way they were – there are animals underneath which need them for shelter.

- Shellfish should be collected by hand only (not mechanical means) and
without breaking the chalk rocks (Local fisheries bylaws allow for the collection of periwinkle by hand only)

- Take only enough for your own needs to ensure that many are
left for other collectors and the species can still thrive

- Select only the larger shellfish to ensure that younger ones
can continue to grow on and establish the next generation

- Take care to avoid putting feeding or roosting birds to flight

- Avoid collecting shellfish during ‘Temporary Prohibition Orders’ (Fishery Products
and Live Shellfish) when it is a criminal offence to collect live shellfish such as cockles and mussels for human consumption on the grounds of public food safety. Contact your local authority for further information

- Abide by food safety standards and ‘guidelines for safe working in estuaries and tidal areas’ (Health and Safety Executive)

ADDITIONAL COASTAL CODES for fixed netting on the shore and other activities can be viewed under the Thanet Coastal Codes at:
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