Ready2Go Workshops For Education Leaders
Thank you for your interest in our series of free workshops for education leaders, please fill in the form below and indicate sessions you would like to attend. These sessions follow the SDCOE Ed Tech department's hands-on workshop philosophy, and so will not be recorded. You will immediately receive an email confirmation of your choices and we will follow up with a brief reminder and Zoom links about a week before each session.
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9/22 Part 1: AGILE in Education *
Does morning drop off not work for parents & staff? Are students running late between classes? Are parents not attending school meetings? Is chronic absenteeism on the rise? Every school has a series of problems that require expediency and innovation.Lead your team through an efficient process for finding solutions to issues that plague your school community. Engage in needs assessment and root cause analysis protocols that are AGILE inspired but modified to fit educational settings.In this first of two sessions. Learn a process that you can follow with all stakeholder groups, that takes advantage of social capital. Identify problems, efficiently analyze for root causes, and determine priority.
10/6 Part 2: AGILE in Education *
Identifying problems and their root causes is not impactful unless action items are taken. How can an administrator build stakeholder trust and cooperation that will motivate more cohesive response?In this second of two sessions, you will experience a tech-industry evolved, rapid-prototyping process to help you take on issues identified by stakeholders.This process helps educational leaders facilitate a cycle of identifying potential solutions, building and prioritizing action items, and implementing.Furthermore, you will learn to efficiently gather and share data on the impact of your solutions so you can either stay the course or pivot in a data-driven direction. Use this process to lead your stakeholders toward the most positive outcomes.
11/10 Is it Computer Science or is it Ed Tech? *
There are a lot of fun technology projects and tools that allow students to become familiar with the world of coding and technology integrations. In fact, a lot of schools are delving into the world of maker spaces and coding labs. Mark Lantsberger, SDCOE Coordinator Curriculum & Instruction, Computer Science, and county Teacher of the Year 2017 joins us as guest presenter. In this session, Mark will show you that Computer Science and Ed Tech are not the same. You will learn about how they are different and where they intersect. Discover and leave with tools that help you determine what indicators you should look for as you walk through authentic computer science classrooms.
1/5 Triple E Framework & Ed Tech Integration *
Recently teachers have developed some powerful technology skills, a potential positive outcome stemming from the necessity of teaching online. But will those skills be sidelined or even dropped when we find ourselves back to in-person learning? While some frameworks help you determine what kind of integration is taking place, the Triple E Framework can help you determine how a technology will support student work and how to implement it with fidelity. Walk away with knowledge and a means of coaching teaching toward meaningful integration that supports all students.
3/2 Virtual Open House *
Reaching as many parents as possible is important to schools. One positive that could come out of the pandemic is the use of online tools such as Zoom or Google Meets to conduct online open house classroom events. This one hour course helps you plan an online or virtual open house. We will help you learn creative ways so share student work, give you example slides to share with teachers, and share reasons why the investment of time is ultimately worth it because of how it empowers families who may not be able to attend the in-person version of an open house or back to school night.
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