June 2 Stanford Roble Field Evangelical Worship
The Office for Religious and Spiritual Life is sponsoring on-campus outdoor worship for Stanford's evangelical communities. For contact tracing in case of COVID exposure, we're asking each attendee to preregister each week. If you forget to pre-register, you will register on site when you arrive. This is the form for Wednesday, June 2.

We're meeting on Roble Field Wednesday at 5:30pm (setup at 4:55pm, cleanup complete by 7:30pm). Please join us! Since we're meeting outdoors, we encourage you to bring a mat to sit upon and check the weather to determine whether to bring a jacket for comfort.
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Map To Roble Field (next to AOERC)
Our COVID Rules
These are the conditions under which Stanford will permit us to gather for worship. Submitting this form is a statement that you intend to comply with these policies.

* Each Wednesday, at least one advisor to an evangelical group will serve as host. The host will ensure all COVID policies are observed.

* The worship service will take place entirely outdoors.

* The service is open only to those with permission to be on campus.

* We will use the university-provided A-Frame signs along with a table with a banner to indicate that the service is in process. We will place a designated leader at the table to check in attendees and ensure social distancing.

*Attendees will pre-register for the service with an online RSVP form. In the form, we will inform attendees of all requirements with which they must comply. All attendees will be strongly encouraged to pre-register for worship before arriving. In the case where someone arrives for the service who did not pre-register, as capacity allows, the attendee will check in and fill out our online registration form onsite, which includes all requirements with which attendees must comply.

* Attendees must, if possible, complete the Stanford COVID-19 health check the morning before attending our service. If any attendees feel ill or anyone in their household is ill on the day of the event, they must not attend.

* All people present will maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from anyone not in their household. Everyone will wear a face mask at all times.

* Those speaking, reading, singing, praying, playing a wind instrument with a moisture cover, or engaging in similar activities must wear masks while maintaining at least 6 feet of physical distance from spectators and other performers. Members of the audience or congregation may sing or pray aloud as long as they wear masks and maintain physical distancing.

* We will make lyrics and other worship readings available either through a shared online document accessed through individual smartphones or single-use handouts for each attendee.

* In the event we celebrate communion, we will use individual-use prepackaged sealed communion sets we will make available for pickup at the check in table. At the appointed time in the worship services, each attendee, with at least 6 feet distance from the minister and other attendees will, with their free hand, lower their mask, consume the elements, and will immediately reposition their mask.

* After the service concludes and supplies are put away, attendees must leave immediately.

* We will have hand sanitizer available for attendees as they enter and exit the space.
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