Test your knowledge on “Learning Quiz for Students” in May 2019
Just answer the questions and win lucky gifts on this June. Rules and regulations are as follows:
1. The Quiz is open only to BU’s students (undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates as well)
2. Have to complete all seven questions. (One entry per quiz per person)
3. One who completes all seven questions gains an entry into the prize draw.
4. Note: please fill in your personal information as required for our response.
5. You can submit your answers until the end of May. The lucky draw will take place on June 1, 2019.
6. Enter Library website and access Library Databases to search for a right answer. (library.bu.ac.th > SEARCH > ONLINE DATABASES); besides, manuals to Library Databases are also available at Library website. (library.bu.ac.th > Help > Manuals > Database Manuals)

Note: The full list of winners will be posted on Library website. The winners have to claim their prizes within 2 months after the announcement or else they will forfeit them.

1. Who wrote the article, “In Defence of Machine Learning: Debunking the Myths of Artificial Intelligence.” in the Journal, “Europe's Journal of Psychology. Nov2018, Vol. 14 Issue 4? *
Find the right answer from Academic Search Ultimate Database (ASU)
2. How many people wrote the article, "A novel model-driven approach to support development cycle of robotic systems." in the Journal, “International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Jan2016, Vol. 82 Issue 1-4? *
Find the right answer from Academic Search Ultimate Database (ASU)
3. Who wrote the article, "Computer graphics and computer animation of the electric heart field." in the Journal, “International Journal of Bio-Medical Computing Volume 23, Issues 1–2, October 1988? *
Find the right answer from ScienceDirect
4. How many people wrote the article, “Blockchain's adoption in IoT: The challenges, and a way forward.” in the Journal, “Journal of Network and Computer Applications Volume 125, 1 January 2019? *
Fine the right answer from ScienceDirect
5. Thesis on "The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity." from Utica College published in May 2018. Who wrote this Thesis? *
Fine the right answer from the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database (PQDT)
6. How many people wrote the article, “Artificial intelligence and deep learning in a world of humans and persuasive business models.” Published in: 2017 Global Wireless Summit (GWS)? *
Find the right answer from IEEE Xplore Digital Library
7. Who wrote the article, "A Comparative Analysis of Time Coherent 3D Animation Reconstruction Methods from RGB-D Video Data." in the Journal, “IAENG International Journal of Computer Science. Nov2018, Vol. 45 Issue 4? *
Find the right answer from Computers & Applied Sciences Complete
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