All members have the opportunity and the responsibility to nominate and vote for people in whom they have confidence to play an active role in the running of the Brixton Community Forum. The existing elected members are available for re-election and may be considered for nomination by members. The term that a member serves is 3 years, with the possibility of renewal. You may also nominate yourself. It is a requirement that you either live or work in Brixton.

Brixton is diverse.
We need a BCF that represents all of us.
Please consider this when you nominate your candidates.

Brixton Community Forum Objectives
The Brixton Community Forum represents the community in accordance with the Constitution of the Forum and on behalf of the Community they serve:
• take the necessary steps to ensure that the interests of the community are protected at all times;
• act with care and diligence;
• avoid conflict of interests;
• to find out and represent the needs and aspirations of the community;
• to promote the well-being of and quality of life throughout the community;
• to promote community spirit within the Brixton community boundaries;
• to be a vehicle whereby the community is able to voice opinions on local matters, which affect their lives and wellbeing.

The Election process:
The process begins with the nomination of suitable persons. Nominees must submit a motivation for the position of not more than 200 words, of how they will add value as a member. Completed Nomination forms and the nominees’ motivation must be completed by 26 October 2020.
The details on the nominees will be published on 31 October in order for the community to assess each Individual. The independent voting will take place at the Brixton meeting to be held on 11 November 2020 where the results will be announced.
Timetable for the Election Process – 2020
• Call for nominations 19 October
• Nominations close 26 October
• Announcement of Nominees 31 October
• Voting at Special Public meeting 11 November
• Results announced at 11 November meeting
• New members take office 12 November

For further information please e-mail: brixtoncommunity@gmail.com or phone Sophia 083 272 2117

Assume responsibility for the proper and sound management of the Community Forum.
Act with due care, diligence, skill and in good faith.
Avoid conflicts of interests, and must declare any interest they may have in
any particular matter serving before the Brixton Community Forum.
Act with impartiality in respect of all community members.
Appoint a Chairperson who is fit and proper to guide the Brixton Community Forum.
Keep minutes, accounts, entries, registers and records as are essential for the proper functioning of the Forum.
Ensure that adequate and appropriate information is communicated to community members regarding relevant issues. To lobby and work with private, statutory and voluntary bodies to take any appropriate action.
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