EA Meta Fund grant application form
If we do not know your organization or project yet, you can use this form for us to consider it for funding. The EA Meta Fund can only make grants of at least $10,000.

Our application process consists of two stages. The first stage consists of submitting the application form, where you only need to answer two questions about your project, in less than 300 words each. The deadline is the 28th of June. We will get back to applicants by the 1st of July.
For the second stage of the application, we will either ask questions via email/request further material or arrange a phone call, potentially both. This will be decided on a case by case basis for each potential grantee. We will finish the second stage of the application by the 6th of July, which is when we will need responses by.
We will inform you of our final decisions by late July.

If you have any questions, you can contact denisemelchin@gmail.com.

What is your organization’s or project’s name? How can we contact you? *
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In less than 300 words: what are your plans for the organization or project? What impact are you aiming for? *
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In less than 300 words: what is the previous track record for the organization or project? If not applicable, what other kind of evidence do you have that the organization or project will succeed? *
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What grant size are you looking for? *
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Are you happy with us forwarding your application to other interested funders if we think this is a good idea?
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