Gravitas Goldens Guardian Home Application
What is a Guardian Home? A Guardian Home is where "pick of the litter" puppies go to live with a wonderful family for the rest of their lives as a cherished pet. The "catch" is that we retains breeding rights to that puppy for a certain amount of time or litters. If breeding is pursued with that dog, the Guardian Home must be willing to sacrifice some time away from their pet for reasons such as: vet visits, health clearances, breeding purposes, whelping and puppy raising. We have a contract we can send you with all of the details that is meant to protect the dog, you, and us!

The purpose of this application is for us to get to know you better and to make sure that being a Guardian Home is right for you!
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Are you aware that puppies pee, poop, jump, bite, chew stuff, get up early, require frequent potty breaks, bark, whine, cry, require training, go to the vet a lot and are all kinds of wonderful if you can be patient and enjoy this puppy phase? *
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