International Sailor Moon Day 2020 Application
Please use this form to apply to run an International Sailor Moon Day event in your region. The official date for International Sailor Moon Day this year is June 30th. You may schedule your event on a different day if that is more practical for your region. Please make sure your attendees are clear on the date of your event.

Applications MUST be submitted a minimum of ONE MONTH before the day you wish to run your event in order to ensure that there is adequate time for planning and promotion (unless you can make a case that it can still be a success with less time). Your event page does not have to go live until one month before your event if you choose.

Approved applicants will be listed online here:
As well as the events tab of the ISMD Facebook page, which is here:

More information about the fan run events of International Sailor Moon Day can be found here:

Problems with the form? You can also email us at with the details for your listing. Please note ISMD in your subject line and/or body of the email.

Website listings are formatted as:
Event Name (Date) -- Venue name and address, city, state, country
Other links: website, social media
[note that the Facebook event page is a link on the event name]
Email address *
What is your name? *
What is the name of your event? (Many events are named "International Sailor Moon Day CITYNAME" if you want to use another name, we encourage including your city name in the event title so that fans looking at the overall list can find you easily) *
What is the start date of your planned event? *
What is the end date of your planned event? *
What is your venue name and address? (please indicate if confirmed - must confirm by 30 days before the event, if you need to update later, please send an email to to fix your listing)
Please list the city, state/province, and country for your event *
Please describe some details about your event. What can attendees look forward to? *
Why should you be accepted to run an International Sailor Moon Day event? *
What is the link for your official Facebook event page? (you can submit this later if needed) *this must be created to be added to the ISMD Facebook page events tab*
If you have a website for your event, please list it here:
If you have social media affiliated with your event, please list here:
Any other comments? (please include names of co-organizers who should be added to the private group for organizers and/or receive email updates)
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