CLASSROOM GRANT APPLICATION FOR TEACHERS for those without a Google account
The Central Region Teachers Association will award up to five mini-grants of $600.00 each to be used for classroom materials. These mini-grants are to reward our members for excellence in teaching. To be eligible, you must be a full-time teacher in a Central Region district and a member of MSTA. Administrators, previous winners within the last five years, and current members of the Central Region Board of Directors are not eligible to apply. The applicants selected to receive the mini-grants will be notified after they are selected and must be present at the Spring Banquet. (Reservation forms are available online). Winners will be introduced at the banquet and receive their award checks. Winners will also be expected to have a display set up the following year at the Spring Banquet to demonstrate their project. The winners’ mileage will be paid to display their project at the dinner.

Local CTAs should review applications submitted separately and select ONE grant application to be forwarded using the online form to the Central Region Board of directors by March 15, 2020. If needed, please visit this link or to download a copy of the application for review. Each CTA may submit only one grant application. The grant application must be endorsed by the applicant and CTA President.


1. This application must be submitted online using this form by March 15, 2020.
2. The CTA President’s MSTA membership number must be included to verify the nomination.
3. The following information must be submitted: Please limit the response to ONE typed page.
a. List locally identified need(s) this grant is designed to meet.
b. Describe the activities to be completed by the teacher receiving the grant.
c. Specifically describe any instructional materials (including prices) to be purchased for classroom use. If project expenses exceed the grant award of $600, please explain how the additional funds will be secured.
d. Describe expected benefits and outcomes for students.
4. All submitted documents must be typewritten in a neat and professional manner.
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